Thursday, October 23, 2008

Media Bias

The dangers of liberal bias - The Boston Globe Interesting to see something like this in the Boston Globe.

Consider this statement, in reaction to someone from New York City complaining that rural voters don't know what is in their best interest.
It never occurred to this NYC musician, living in an adjacent suburb to the Big Apple, that she might not be qualified to know what is in their best interest. With no direct experience of tacking up a crazed horse in below-freezing temperatures, never having sat in a saddle for 12 hours, not knowing what scours are, with no pig bucket under her sink, not having to drive 30 miles down the road to her own mailbox - of course, she knows what is best for them. She recycles, eats organic produce, and there's a bird feeder in her backyard: all signs that she is right with the world.
The attitude that "I know what is best for you," is the hallmark of the Left. If you don't agree with the Left you are an idiot (or "self-hating" if you happen to be a racial or religious minority or gay or lesbian).

Anyway, take a look.

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