Monday, October 20, 2008

Self-defense Works, Even for University Students

Self-defense went on, while I was out of town.

Cops: 2 killings look like self-defense | � Two goblins - one armed - break into a students home, and he responds by grabbing his own weapon and defending himself.
The student fired, then called police to report the shooting. When officers arrived, they found the two men dead inside just past the doorway.
The responses of some neighbors (who are shocked and scared) are interesting. In particular:
Jenny Wise also moved into the neighborhood in August. The 19-year-old sophomore said she wasn't home at the time of the shootings. She had gone to a party, and when she arrived home around 2 a.m. she found her street taped off and flooded with police.

"It's really the scariest thing," Wise said.

"I've lived a sheltered life. This seems like a nice little neighborhood. I don't know what I would've done if two guys tried to get into my house," Wise said.
Hat tip to Smallest Minority who says
Well, Jenny, you're too young to purchase a handgun for yourself, but you can receive one as a gift from a family member. Short of that, I recommend a shotgun. And some training.
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