Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is what happens when you put the government in charge

You must speak to us, Post Office tells pensioner who can't speak - Telegraph This guy lost the card that verifies his benefits. To get a replacement, the government needs to "speak with him." The problem? He doesn't speak.
Mr Berry's sister, Jean Spencer, said she explained to customer services that her brother could not speak or hear, but said they would not accept it.

She said: "I explained that he could not speak but they said they still needed to speak to him.

"Eventually we wrote a letter and his daughter, who does sign language, telephoned every day.

"We even went into his local Post Office, where they know him, and they telephoned them up with him there but they would not accept that.

"It's been really frustrating for him. Luckily he has family and we've kept him going but what if a person like him has no family?"
Bureaucrats are not people. People have hearts - bureaucrats are heartless. They left this guy without benefits for 5 weeks.

Now, of course, after they have been completely embarrassed by the press, they are "very pleased to confirm that a new card was issued to Mr Berry last week and we are very sorry for the delay."

Gee I can't wait until we get socialism too. Just think how great everything will be when every aspect of your life is controlled by the same people who run airport security theater.

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