Tuesday, December 30, 2008

American Car Companies Can Compete

Well, at least Ford can compete. First look: 2010 Ford Fusion : SearchChicago Autos : Jill Ciminillo A hybrid that is a tad more expensive than the Camry, but it beats the Camry in MPG as well. (And that is a 2009 Camry vs. a 2010 Fusion...)
My time in the hybrid model wasn’t nearly enough to form a detailed opinion, but with a first look, I have to say that the Fusion Hybrid is, by far, the best hybrid I’ve ever driven. Much of that is due to the seamless transition between the electric motor and gasoline engine. I thought previous hybrids were relatively seamless with a slight chug or click between transitions, but this Fusion Hybrid, Ford’s second generation hybrid, puts all the rest to shame.
So I guess I have some confidence in Ford's ability to survive this crisis.

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