Friday, December 19, 2008

Auto Bailout - Who Needs Detroit

This scenario would seem to be right out of Atlas Shrugged. Companies surviving only by government largess.

While I don't propose "Stopping the motor of the world," I would like to stop the motor of Detroit.

I for one, will never - or at least for a VERY long time - buy another American car. No Ford. No GM. No Chrysler. I encourage you to consider doing the same. They money we have given them is gone. They will never pay it back. The best way to limit what they get from us is to force a real reorganization - that would be Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Driving their real revenue into the ground is the only thing I can think of.

Just so you know this isn't any empty statement, I have driven American cars since 1986, and currently drive a Ford. No longer. (I drove a Datsun 210 after college... it was the worst car I ever had, and that includes a 1963 Ford Falcon that wasn't "classic" as much as it was just old.)

They apparently have the right to suck the taxpayers for money. Well, that is all the money of mine they will get for a good long time. If they come out the other side, not owing the taxpayer anything (having paid us back that is), then I will consider them

Contact Ford here

Contact GM here

Chrysler doesn't seem to want you to contact them with general questions/comments.

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