Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chicago: The City That No Longer Works

Mayor Daley is NOT CLEARING THE SNOW | Daily Daley: Tracking Mayor Richard M. Daley in Chicago Traditionally the reason that the good citizens of Chicago turned a blind eye to graft and corruption was that city services ran smoothly.

Garbage got collected. Water flowed. Snow got plowed.

Michael Bilandic forgot that, and was booted out of office.

It seems to be a lesson that Richie Daley has forgotten.

Bilandic got hit with 20 inches of new snow on top of 7 to 10 inches already on the ground in 1979. He was thrown out office for being an idiot about it.

Richie Daley just got hit with 4 to 6 inches of extremely light snow. The city is paralyzed.
This writer's commute is 10 miles, perhaps less. It took 2.5 hours. Thanks City of Chicago. Thanks IDOT. It's not often that a citizen comes face to face with a glaring lack of the most basic services that government should provide.
Now some of that is the fault of Chicago drivers causing gridlock. But politics ain't always fair. (Or at least we can hope.)

Chicago and Cook County, Illinois now "enjoy" some of the highest tax rates in the nation. (Sales tax in Cook County is 10.25 percent.) But still they don't seem to have the money to pay for basic necessities.

Snow removal is just the crisis du jour. Crime is out of control and Chicago will likely reclaim the crown as the murder capital of America, yet police hiring is frozen (no pun intended) due to lack of funds.

It would be interesting to look at that budget and see who is getting rich, and what is being neglected. Now that the machine is about to ensconced in Washington, DC, maybe the Mayor has more important things to worry about.

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