Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Electric Car from a Battery Company

GM is Weeping: BYD F3DM Plug-in Hybrid Goes On Sale in China, 3 Years Before Volt : TreeHugger Like the Chevy Volt, this can run on batteries alone (about 62 miles) before starting a generator to recharge the batteries (fast recharge available, but probably not at your home.)
What's most impressive is that BYD didn't even make cars a few years ago. Until recently, it was only a battery maker (the biggest in China), yet it's F3DM plug-in hybrid is going on sale in China right now, at least 2 years before the GM Volt, another series hybrid.
Price in China, the equivalent of about $22,000. Expect some changes to meet our collision standards and higher costs.

Next: A crossover SUV.

I wonder how the Detroit 3 will compete with this? Oh, that's right. They will just lobby Congress and the President. (They're too important to be put out of business by free trade. Protectionist trade legislation anyone?)

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