Monday, December 01, 2008

Even Though the Tests Showed No Drugs, She Was in Jail - Chicago Police Conspire To Pin Drugs on Mom, Suit Claims She had a plastic bag of flour in her fridge. Even after the test came back proving it wasn't drugs, she was still held.
Daniels, who police claimed was planning to deliver the drugs, was arrested and taken to Cook County Jail, the suit said. Daniels was jailed for approximately 18 days while she attempted to secure her $30,000 bond.

During her stint in jail her husband, who she was separated from, stopped sending child support payments and filed for custody of her children, causing her further emotional distress and financial injury, the suit said.

A test on the substance to Illinois State Police for testing came back negative, and her drug possession charge was dismissed.
Presumed guilty, even after you've been proved innocent.

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