Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Charges filed in home invasion case; 2 men hospitalized with gunshot wounds | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL 3 goblins are facing charges after they tried - and failed - to break into the home of an armed homeowner. Two of the goblins were shot.

The 2 guys actually doing the breaking in were shot multiple times. The getaway driver was apprehended later.
“We were able to locate the driver (Reynolds) and he was interviewed by investigators and admitted that he took (Peake and Elkins) to the residence to burglarize the residence,” [Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie] May said.

He said their plan was sidetracked when the men were confronted by the homeowner as they kicked in the door.
Funny how an armed homeowner can sidetrack the plans of goblins.

Self-defense not only works, but it is also your legal right.

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