Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Like Cockroaches When You Turn the Lights On

All the Illinois politicians are scurrying for the shadows, afraid that they will be identified as "Senate Candidate #5" or someone else having dealings with Blagojevich.

Axelrod is confused about misspeaking about Obama meeting with the governor about selling appointing the next senator from Illinois. (Funny, but I haven't seen anything about Obama's resident machine hack - Rahm Emanuel - and if he met with Blagojevich.)

Jesse Jackson Jr. is sure he isn't anyone who did anything wrong. And he is having a press conference to proclaim his innocent. I should say that I actually like J. Jackson Jr., but I think he would be better to keep silent right now.

In fact, I expect to see anyone and everyone proclaim that they are in fact the only Illinois politician who has never been tempted to play the great game of graft and corruption.

But whatever else they have or haven't done, they are all guilty of breaking Da Mayor's primary rules. (Not Richie Daley, but his father was Da Mayor.) "Don't make no waves. Don't back no losers."

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