Thursday, December 11, 2008

Video-taped Attacking Bartender, Cop is Still on the Force

All the attention paid to Chicago the past few days, has reminded me I haven't looked into what Chicago's Finest have been up to. An easy way to post.... depressingly easy.

The Associated Press: Chicago beating case still clouds police image It doesn't cloud the image, so much as it defines the image.

This was a vicious, drunken attack by an off-duty Chicago cop on a 115 pound woman. She was a bartender and refused to serve him any more alcohol.

Witnesses. Video of the attack (see below). But he is on the job.
More than a year after he last wore a badge and months after his boss said he wanted him fired, a policeman videotaped beating a female bartender remains the best-known officer in the Chicago Police Department.
Why is it so hard to fire a Chicago cop? Of course he hasn't had his day in court. (the presumption of innocence, etc.) So much for a speedy trial.

In case you don't remember this case here is the video of the attack, and what the victim claimed later was an attempt to intimidate her or buy her off. Is seeing believing?

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