Friday, December 26, 2008

The Year for Hate

Lesbian rape victim in Richmond not alone in 2008 - San Jose Mercury News Not a good year.

Something is very wrong with this society.
The vast majority of brutality against gays is carried out by young men, usually acting in groups, said Riki Wilchins, executive director of Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, a Washington nonprofit that works in schools to address discrimination.

Their victims most often are other young men with feminine demeanors or transgender women, Wilchins said. "These assailants are looking to eradicate and exterminate something that enrages them, and that is what makes them hate crimes," he said.
FBI statistics are not an accurate reflection, since a lot of locales don't track hate crimes against gays or lesbians.
The group has identified another 20 murders of "gender non-conforming youth" that have taken place in the two years since, although FBI statistics for the same period show only five hate crime slayings linked to the victim's sexual orientation.
When your statistics are off by an order of magnitude, there is a real problem in your monitoring system.

So, where does all this hate come from? What fans it?

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