Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your Media Bias is Showing

World media pays attention only when Israel fights back Missile attacks on Israel, are apparently not news. They happen all the time, so maybe that is true.

But whenever Israel decides that it has had enough, and tries to do something, the media go crazy.

Consider the subtitle to this article a minute.
Rain of Palestinian rockets is relentless: one city took 7,000 hits since 2001
If Canada was allowing extremists to lob 3 missiles per day into Seattle, do you think we might do something about it?

And it has gotten much worse in the last year or 2.
The terrorist rocket attacks increased substantially after Israel disengaged from Gaza in August, 2005. The terrorist rocket attacks have increased by more than 500% since that time.

Terrorists in Gaza have launched nearly 450 rocket attacks into Israel already this year. [AS of the end of March, 2008. Z-Deb] Last week the terrorists fired off a dozen powerful Grad missiles into the Israeli port of Ashkelon roughly five miles from Gaza's northern frontier.
[Click that image for a better look at the numbers.]

But attacks on Israel don't matter. Not to the likes of the NY Times. The media only reports when they can bash Israel. (And they still claim to be unbiased.) So some attacks on civilians are not worth reporting - at least when you rely on the American (Western?) media.
Eleven months ago, two preteen brothers went to Sderot's central market to buy their father some cologne for his birthday. While walking there, a Hamas missile landed close by, killing one of the young boys and severely wounding the other.
Funny, but I don't remember that tragedy being on the evening news.
For most attacks, there is less than a 15-second warning. Schools have banned outdoor recesses and cancelled outdoor sports.
And why are these attacks happening? Israel did what the Palestinians asked them to do.
More than two-thirds of these 7,000 rockets have been fired since 2005, when the Israeli army forcibly evicted more than 7,000 Israelis who had settled within Gaza's boundaries. Hamas and others promised that if only these settlers would be removed from land the Palestinians claimed as their own, all the violence would stop. Instead, it has escalated.

From January to March of this year, the attacks stepped up to an average of 15 per day.
Even during the 'ceasefire' the attacks never ceased, but since the Palestinians called off the 'ceasefire' there have been dozens of attacks per day.

So the Israelis did what the Palestinians wanted, but they still didn't get peace. How can that be? Could it be the Palestinians lied? That they don't want peaceful coexistence, but that they still want to destroy Israel?

And what should Israel's response be? Ignore the dead and the injured, the way the media do when the dead and the injured are Jewish? What would you demand of your government if 3 or 30 (or more) rockets rained down on your schools, and homes every day? Do you think you might want government to step in?

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