Monday, January 05, 2009

Self-defense Works More Often in 2008

'Justified homicides' more than doubled Interesting - the statistics are local (San Antonio) but seems there is a nationwide trend.
According to [San Antonio] Police Department statistics, justified homicides in 2008 rose significantly, from seven in 2007 to 17 mirroring a nationwide trend. Of the 17, city and other area police officers were involved in seven.

“Nationally, it appears that justifiable homicides have increased,” criminologist James Alan Fox said. “The reasons could be many. We seem to be sending a message that it's acceptable to (use deadly force) even if there is a chance of fleeing.”
Of course that criminologist has his knickers in a twist over the "don't retreat" parts of the new Stand Your Ground laws. He seems to think that fewer justifiable homicides would result if we went back to forcing people to flee. He is quiet on whether it would have any other impacts - like more murders or more rapes.

The numbers aren't official until the FBI puts them in the UCR for 2008 (which if they hold true to form, won't be before 3Q 2009.) But the comparisons between cities are interesting - even if the FBI warns against doing them.
New York and Chicago, for example, noted increases, while other major cities, including Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, recorded fewer violent deaths than in 2007, according to the Associated Press.

In Texas, Austin's homicides fell from 30 in 2007 to 23 in 2008, according to the Austin Police Department. In Houston, authorities recorded 54 fewer homicides last year, from 348 in 2007 to 294, according to the Houston Chronicle.
They find a bleeding heart to lament the Castle Doctrine. Some people who break into your home in the middle of the night might be there for an innocent reason. Yeah, right. And I have title to bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in. Someone who breaks into my home while I am there is a threat. But the Left doesn't like it when people act on their own behalf. We should rely on government for everything. Even the things they can't supply - like personal safety.

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