Saturday, April 25, 2009

Child Dead Waiting for Nationalized Health Care

Girl, 6, died after doctor failed to carry out simple blood test - Telegraph The original doctor could have done the test, but all the waiting surly didn't help.
Bethany's GP, Dr Julie Barker, referred her to Newark Hospital for the test.

But when the youngster arrived a week later nurses found she was too thin for them to find a vein and referred her back to her doctor's surgery.

Ten days later Dr Barker tried to draw a blood sample from Bethany but could not find a vein. The GP then managed to refer the schoolgirl to a specialist paediatrician but could only get an appointment a month later.
Government run health care: the pace and urgency of the average DMV. The friendliness of the IRS. The general hygiene of your average public restroom. Oh yeah, I want government to control health care in this country.

This child waited more than 6 weeks for a simple blood test. She died because it was never an emergency. The 6-year-old weighed 30 pounds at her death.

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