Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cooperation Does Not Stop Violent Criminals From Being Violent

Visalia man killed in robbery - Local - fresnobee.com The store had a policy of cooperation. Give them all the money, even your pocket money. Let them go.

That didn't stop the goblin from killing the man behind the counter.
After taking the money, the robber stepped to the store's exit and and fired one round from his handgun at Nahal, striking him in the upper torso, the report said.
The bullet pierced his heart.

The Left loves to go on about how if you only give criminals what they want, they will leave you in peace. That seems to have failed - again. The Left, that says this, is usually some old white man talking about robbery. What should a woman faced by a rapist do? Should a parent give a pedophile their child to ensure their own safety? You can roll over and give criminals what they want. You shouldn't be surprised when it turns out that they want more than you expected. You shouldn't be surprised that violent criminals remain violent, even if you are singing Kumbaya. And you really shouldn't insist that I share in your delusion of safety.

A gun may not have saved this man. There are no guarantees in this life. Having a plan to defend yourself does not make you invulnerable. Having a gun does not make you invulnerable. Just as wearing a seat belt does not make you invulnerable to car crashes. Having a plan, wearing a seat belt, only changes the odds of survival. The plan of cooperating with criminals is poor at best, and doesn't take into account the recurrent theme of criminals wanting to eliminate witnesses. Or of violent criminals being violent for no apparent reason.

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