Monday, April 27, 2009

Honorable Mention in the Darwin Awards

Man fires bullet with hammer You find a bullet in your yard. What do you do?
He didn't want his three young boys to get hurt from the bullet, so Fath decided to dispose of it.

"My hammer was outside so I took the bullet and put it on a rock and smacked it with the hammer," Fath said.
You have to wonder what he would do if he found a grenade or unexploded WWII munitions.

Of course the round fired (rimfire .22 caliber). There are conflicting reports as to whether the bullet actually penetrated the skin.

The police are quoted as saying "call law enforcement." How about calling a friend who knows about guns?

But the public safety lesson of the day is without a doubt,
Steuben County Sheriff Rick Lewis said no one should ever hit a bullet with anything.
Ya think?

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