Friday, April 10, 2009

I Don't Care What You Think of the Issue, This is Just Plain Funny

Big City - New Yorkers Face Another Blow to Their Self-Regard - OK so a lot of people are up in arms that Iowa legalized gay marriage. But New Yorkers are apparently upset because they got beat out. By Iowa.
In the past six months, many New Yorkers have had to learn to swallow their pride. Instead of entertaining bidding wars for their homes, they’re ready to throw in the All-Clad pans and the family dog for an offer. Instead of bragging about their trailblazing governor, they’ve watching his career implode. And instead of living at the center of the financial world, they’re living at what seems to have been proven the center of financial incompetence.
But then New Yorkers (East Coast snobs generally) and Californians generally have no idea what the middle of the country is like.

So can they take solace in anything?
New Yorkers, we’ll always have pumpkins. “We’re No. 1 in pumpkin production,” said Thomas K. Duane, a state senator. “Even in Iowa’s pumpkin festivals, they’re probably using New York pumpkins.”

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