Sunday, April 12, 2009

I think it might be a sign of the Apocalypse **updated **

The only nation showing any stones in the pirate crisis is the French. (Their national symbol is - or was - a chicken.) [See the update at the end]

Death on the high seas as pirates put to the sword - Times Online A French yacht, seized by pirates was retaken by French commandos.

You will see this a lot, I'm sure, as part of the coverage of Captain Phillips and the Maersk Alabama. There will be a lot of hand wringing about the tragic death of one hostage. But they won't mention that pirates do in fact kill people all the time.

I have been thinking what I would want done if I were in that position. (Not exactly pointless sense I do sail, though I have no intention of being in the Gulf of Aden.) The world cannot continue to sit by and do nothing but pay ransoms. As long as that is the case, then piracy will get worse in Somalia, and spread to even more areas. (It isn't limited to Africa even today.) It has to be stopped. And I only see one way to stop it - make it too dangerous, too unprofitable for piracy to continue. The British understood this 200 years ago, when they would hang the pirates, coat the bodies in pitch and hang them on the beach.

Today, all we seem to do is pay ransom. But not the French. They have executed several rescue missions. I consider all of them successful, even this one.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the US Navy came through on this one after all. Hard to find any reports... but am hearing that 3 of 4 pirates are dead, and the 4th is in custody. Very cool.

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