Monday, April 13, 2009

A Murder Trial You Won't Be Able to Miss

The Angie Zapata murder trial - The Denver Post The Left will use it as proof that the Andrew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill needs to be enacted. The Right will use it for something.

Angie ZapataAngie Zapata was murdered because she was transgender. When a monster realized that, he beat her with a fire extinguisher, and then began to rifle through her belongings. When he realized she wasn't quite dead, he went back and beat her some more.
The murderer has indicated that his sole motivation to murder Angie was that she was a transgender woman. In fact, since being in jail, the murderer has been quoted saying, "all gay things need to die."

His confession has been thrown out by the judge, so the trial will begin next week.

So the politicos will make this death meet some agenda - whatever agenda they support. But no one will talk about what needs to be done to change the level of hate. (Here's a hint: Hate crime laws, don't eliminate hate.) I wish I knew.

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