Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Police State That is Where Great Britain Used to Be

Police accused of abusing powers as anti-terrorism stop and searches treble - Telegraph The statistics are staggering.
Using both terror and non-terror powers, 1,223,860 people and vehicles were stopped and searched by police in England and Wales last year, a 17 per cent increase.
Probable cause not required.
The MoJ figures also showed officers used powers to stop people and demand they account for themselves some 2.35 million times last year, separate figures revealed.
Account for yourself: tell the police your business and convince him you aren't up to no good. Isn't that the definition of Big Brother - The government minding your business?

The rate at which people are arrested is about ½ of 1 percent, so all of that activity doesn't seem to do much. (Except piss people off, of course.)

Throw a good dose of racial and ethnic profiling into the mix and you have an explosive situation.

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