Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Scary Story

I read a lot of stories about bad things happening to people. Most of them are disturbing. Most of them I never write about because I can't find anything interesting to say about the tragedy. Occasionally I can find something to say. About this story... I don't think I found anything to say. It leaves me with more questions than answers. And this is only one story in this line.

Sex offender arrested in car-crash rape attempt Crazy people in this world.
Prosecutors say a registered sex offender deliberately crashed his car into a Huntington Beach teenager's vehicle so he could rape her.
She got away, but not before being traumatized.

The goblin is back in custody.

These stories - and I read more of them than I care to - always bother me. Which I suppose is why I don't write about them very often. Do we just lock these people away forever? What do we have to do to try to make the world a safer place? It will never be completely safe, which is why I believe so strongly in self-defense. Should the sentence for this guy, if he is convicted, be life in prison without parole?

Oh, and that restriction that only people over 21 can carry concealed weapons (Not that it really applies in The People's Republic of California) is so fair, because people under 21 never, ever have a need to defend themselves from your average goblin. </sarcasm>

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