Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Good to Know the Government is Looking Out for You

Poison in the well -- How would you characterize people who served up drinking water to an entire community that was contaminated with cancer causing agents? Not for a few months, or a few years, but for 22 years. More than 2 decades. How would you characterize them?
Officials kept using the well even though state environmental officials told them at least 22 years ago that dangerous chemicals related to a dry-cleaning solvent had oozed into the water, records show.

The village avoided scrutiny by telling state regulators in 1986 that they would get all of their tap water from Lake Michigan, and would use the well only in an emergency. But records show Crestwood kept drawing well water on a routine basis—relying on it for up to 20 percent of the village's water supply some months.
The water was sent to residents untreated.

You might call these people monsters, but the truth is they are only bureaucrats and politicians. (Taxes were low. Water bills were low. People got reelected.)

Vinyl chloride is a very toxic chemical. While there is a legal limit, there is really no safe level of exposure. The levels in the drinking water were twice the legal limit.

Politicians want to get reelected. They want power. They make deals with lobbyists for money. They make deals with each other for power. Some will even feed you toxic water to be able to brag about low water bills. You might think they have your interests at heart, but most of them are just looking for more power.

Whenever I see something like this I am reminded of "Butterfly Wings" by Machines of Loving Grace. The 3rd stanza goes like this...
You can't place faith in a new regime
that fascist faith will kill you
a hurricane triggered by a butterfly's wings
your conspirators betray you
Government is rarely the solution to a problem. Monsters can be found in every endeavor, even - maybe even especially - in government.

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