Friday, April 24, 2009

So You Think the System Will Save You?

U.S. marshal on trial: Phone call to eatery owned by friend with reputed mob ties highlights final day of prosecution testimony -- It appears that even the witness protection system and the US Marshals have a few issues to work out.

Operation Family Secrets is the FBI's latest attempt to shut down The Outfit. (Al Capone's old organization is generally known as "The Outfit" today. It has had other names in the past.) They have apparently found one of their own. Well, almost.
A 14-minute phone call by Deputy U.S. Marshal John Ambrose to a pizza restaurant owned by a family friend with reputed organized-crime ties highlighted the final day of prosecution testimony at Ambrose's trial Tuesday.
The theory is that Ambrose, who was part of the Witness Protection Program, and was assigned to protect a Family Secrets witness, made the call to his friend with "reputed" ties to the Outfit to jeopardize the witness's life.

So you trust all cops? You've obviously never been to Chicago. Now this guy says he didn't make the call to jeopardize the witness. He just wanted to talk to his friend. It isn't even clear that the witness was in danger, but the whole thing smells. Was this guy a crook or just an idiot? We'll have to wait for the verdict to know.

Certainly most cops (and most US Marshals) are decent, hard-working folks. But there are a number of bad eggs. There probably always will be when large amounts of money are in play. Make your plans accordingly.

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