Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Still a Growth Industry

Give a mouse a cookie, and he's gonna want a glass of milk.

Somalia: Pirates Seize More Ships Has this been in the news, generally, and I just missed it?
In a new upsurge in piracy off the Somali coast, two more ships have been hijacked in the past two days.

The European Union's Maritime Security Centre reports that a 32,000 tonne Italian-operated bulk carrier was seized early Monday morning in the Gulf of Aden. "Few details are known at this stage, but the mixed nationality crew are believed to be safe," the centre said.

On Saturday the centre said a 20,000 tonne German container ship was hijacked 400 miles from Kismayo. "The attack was made by six men in a single skiff that was probably operating with other pirate vessels," the centre reported. "The 24-man crew is believed to be safe."
The UN, and the revamped "Law of the Sea" make it next to impossible for vessels to defend themselves, and so far the international response isn't working out too well.

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