Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Violate a Restraining Order and You Could End Up Like This Guy

Police: Springfield man shot and killed in self defense Restraining orders are interesting legal documents, but they are NOT suits of armor. A court order didn't stop this guy; legal self-defense did.

He was subject of a restraining order. That didn't stop him. He tried to "contact" his ex-girlfriend at another man's house. When she didn't open the door, he broke in.
Baldenegro attempted to contact Moon at the home, then forced his way into the residence when she wouldn't open the door.

He became involved in a physical confrontation with Moon and Cole. Cole armed himself with a handgun and shot Baldenegro in the chest.
Baldenegro died later at a local hospital.

A court order didn't stop this guy. He showed up where his ex was and when she didn't do as he said, he broke into someone's home and offered them violence. The courts didn't stop this guy. The police didn't stop this guy. The truth is, when you are confronted with a violent person (ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, common street thug, whatever) you are on your own. When seconds count police are minutes away.

The cops view the issue as one of legal self-defense. The presence of a restraining order probably aided that finding.

Self-defense is a human right.

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