Sunday, April 26, 2009

Virginia Should Outlaw Guns on Campus

Two Men, Suspect, Shot in Virginia College Dorm | AHN | April 26, 2009 What's that? Guns are illegal on college campuses? OK, then they should make it illegal to shoot someone for no reason. What's that?... OK, how about trespassing? Yeah, that would work.

I don't mean to make light of this tragedy, but this event points to how ridiculous it is to expect a law without enforcement to accomplish anything. If you want college campuses to be gun-free zones, then you better set them up to look like airports with that level of security. Otherwise you have only disarmed the law-abiding. That may make you feel safe, but it won't necessarily make you actually safe.

Now this may have been an ambush, in which case it is unlikely that anyone could have defended themselves. But it could have been the opening volley in another protracted college shooting spree. Would it make a difference then if people could defend themselves?

And in a singularly stupid turn of events...
The dormitory was evacuated and residents have not yet been allowed to return.
Unless there is only one way into that building - and using that entrance would disturb a crime scene - why can't they go back to their rooms?

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