Sunday, April 19, 2009

What if You Called 911 and No One Responded?

Unanswered 911 calls could garner support for beat realignment :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 1200 times last year, in one area of Chicago, 911 calls went unanswered because no one was available.
More than 1,200 times last year, residents of the South Chicago and Gresham police districts called 911, and there was no car available to respond.
Of course these are on the poorer South Side. If you call 911 on the richer North Side, the results are a bit different.
In the Foster Avenue and Belmont districts on the North Side, the same thing happened only ten times.
You don't think there might be a little racism involved in how resources are allocated in the CPD? No, that would never happen.

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