Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why Would a Cop Walk Away from an Accident?

Did he think he would get away? Or was he just not thinking clearly? Dan Ryan crash: Off-duty cop held in collision that killed 2 -- A passerby tried to get the people out of the burning car; the heat was just to much.
But a second driver who caused the fatal wreck walked away from the chaotic scene onto an expressway ramp, until a tow-truck driver and police officers stopped him, authorities said.

Now that driver, an off-duty Chicago police detective—who sources say was drunk with a blood alcohol content three times the legal threshold—is facing reckless homicide, DUI and other charges.
Three times the limit. That is a lot of cocktails.

Aren't cops about supposed to know about things like the fact that DUI is against the law?

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