Friday, July 31, 2009

Stupid Criminals

I love stories of stupid criminals. Pa. bank robbery suspect nabbed while counting loot after handing smiley-face note to teller. Talk about being caught red-handed.

He Didn't Shoot the Bastard Enough

You don't stop shooting until the threat has been removed. That is when the guy stops "advancing." Teen shot to death during home invasion This 18-year-old "teen" (isn't he an adult?) was killed while he was invading a home, which was occupied by a family.
The homeowner went outside to investigate, when he heard his wife inside screaming.

He ran back into the home where his wife told him the intruder, later identified as 18-year-old Andrew Caleb Barnett, was inside their attached garage attempting to get into the home through a wooden door with a window, according to police. The homeowner reportedly yelled several times that he had a gun, telling Barnett not to come inside. However, Barnett continued to make advances toward the man. Police say the homeowner fired one shot at Barnett, hitting him in the arm, and going into his chest area. Barnett apparently fell to the floor but got back up fighting the homeowner, at one point, biting him in the arm.
Cops eventually arrived and took Caleb into custody. He died of his wounds at a local hospital a short time later.

Psilocybin Mushrooms, or "Magic Mushrooms" were involved. The people who provided the drugs were later arrested.

The homeowner is not expected to face charges, because self-defense is a human right, and in Tennessee it is also your legal right.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

So what would you do if someone tried to break into your home? Homeowner Shoots, Kills Alleged Burglar - WBNS-10TV
The homeowner said he was cooking dinner and had enough time to grab a gun and his 5-year-old nephew.

"I shot as I grabbed my nephew and started running up the stairs," the homeowner told the 911 dispatcher.

Police believe the man who tried to enter the home was armed because a gun was found lying near his body, which was discovered on the home's front steps.
If you break into enough homes, you will eventually meet an armed resident. Results in that case are fairly predicable.

Self-defense may be a human right, but adults have a moral obligation to protect the children in their care.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Clearest Evidence of the Racial Divide

Do you think a white man would be arrested for questioning the officers authority? Poll: Obama mishandled comments on race Says more about who you are and your experience with police.

There was only one color that made any difference in this case, and that color was blue.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So How Is All That Gun Control Working for You?

15 shot in overnight incidents - 7/29/09. Not so good I guess.

These are tragedies, no doubt, but they aren't the result of lax gun laws. They are the result of criminals.

Not the Mayor Dumbbell Daley will ever admit that. Much easier to blame guns and law-abiding gun owners.

Don't Threaten a Mother's Child

She isn't likely to react the way you expect. 2 People Shot During Home Invasion
Police say some suspects broke into a home near Craig and Simmons just before midnight. According to police, the homeowner, a woman, told officers she exchanged gunfire with the suspects after they threatened to shoot her 14-year-old son.
She was shot in the leg. One goblin was arrested at a local hospital where he showed up with a gunshot wound. One goblin is still on the run.

Self-defense is a human right, but parents have - in my opinion - a moral obligation to defend their children from harm.

Summer? What Summer?

Low temperature will be in the middle 50s tonight in ex-urban Chicago. This should be coming up on the hottest days of the year. Chicago Area Sees Coldest July Since 1942; Average Temperature Only 68.9 Degrees -
The National Weather Service says 2009 has seen the coldest July since the official recording station was moved away from the lakefront in 1942. The average temperature this month in Chicago has been a mere 68.9 degrees.

Even in the years before 1942, when the National Weather Service recorded temperatures at the cooler lakefront, there are only three years that had colder Julys through the 26th.
Al Gore, call your office.

Falsifying Evidence? I'm Shocked ... Shocked! ...

To discover that police officers might lie. Ten suits filed against ex-Chicago cop accused of faking DUI evidence :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Fake DUI evidence? What will they think of next?

And before you say this is just some disgruntled folks trying to skin out of a serious moving violation, consider the following.
The Cook County state's attorney's office is conducting a criminal investigation, court records show.

Prosecutors have dropped dozens of DUI cases because of questions about Parker's conduct, sources say.
Most cops are good people, but they aren't all good people. This guy retired from CPD July 1; he is 60-years-old. How long do you think this kind of thing was going on? How many of his supervisors knew something was up, but liked his statistics? How many places aside from Chicago does this kind of thing go on?

Don't Bring a Tire Iron to a Gunfight

If you break into enough homes, you will find an armed resident. Homeowner fatally shoots burglary suspect He didn't stop when the man with the gun said stop. In fact, he attacked. He didn't stop when he had been shot. He attacked some more.

After he had been shot several times, he crashed his car while trying to drive away. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Although the shooting will be referred to a Harris County grand jury, investigators said it appears to be self-defense.

"He has the right to protect himself and his property," said Sgt. Felipe Rivera, with the Harris County sheriff’s homicide division.
Self-defense is a human right.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Piracy is Bad, Expected to Get Worse

In 2005, when I first started covering maritime piracy on this blog, people didn't want to believe it was true. I was told I was "hysterical" and other things. Today of course, piracy is occasionally on the news. Though not enough.

So there is an international task force of naval vessels in the Gulf a Aden, one of the worst locations. It doesn't seem to be all that effective. They are trying new things. EU sends eyes in the sky against pirates
The London-based International Maritime Bureau reported on July 16 that the number of pirate attacks more than doubled in the first half of this year compared with the same period in 2008.
Most of the attacks are in the area dominated by Somali pirates.

And it is understandable. "pirates collected $150 million in ransom from shipowners in 2008." With that kind of payday, it is hard to see how it will end.

It isn't just about money.
As of mid-July, 78 vessels had been boarded and 31 of them hijacked, with six crewmen killed, 19 wounded and 561 taken captive for varying lengths of time.
Now the US navy is predicting things will get worse in the weeks and months ahead. Monsoon season is coming to an end. Sailing will be easier.

Of course the problems aren't all logistical. The lawyers seem to be getting in the way.
The Russians have noted that because most of the 16 nations participating in the anti-piracy operations do not allow their forces to prosecute pirates, largely because of the absence of any clear-cut legal jurisdiction, the pirates have become more brazen.

Some governments do not even allow their warships to open fire on pirates.
That would violate their human rights, or something.
According to Vice Adm. Oleg Burtsev, first deputy chief of the Russian Navy General Staff: "Pirates have become more daring and aggressive. There were instances when they seized vessels right in front of the ships that were responsible for the security of commercial shipping."
The Russians are sending a new flotilla to the region off Somalia to relieve one currently there.

The sad thing is that the pirates do not have huge numbers. 5000 pirates are operating in the region of Somalia. They have a lot of resources tied up.

Will anything get better? I'm not sure people are taking it seriously even today.

Louisiana Gets More CCW Permit Holders | News | Concealed gun permits rise — Baton Rouge, LA. That should say "rise dramatically."
Last year, State Police issued 4,130 new permits. In just the first 4 1/2 months of this year, the state issued 4,185 new permits.
Training classes and firearm sales are also up.

All the usual suspects have their knickers in a twist, but the Violence Policy Center gets their statement rebutted by a cop or two.

The Left Loves to Say How Many Rounds You Need

They say that you couldn't possibly need more than 10 rounds to defend yourself. There is just one problem with that statement. Bear intruder takes 10 rounds before going down
BOULDER, Colo. — A black bear that broke into a Boulder County home and charged at the homeowner was killed only after three rounds from a shotgun, five shots from a handgun and two from a rifle.
Boulder is not exactly the back of beyond. And while black bears are tough, I think grizzlies are tougher.

The simple answers that the Left loves, rarely live up to reality.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is Why I Generally Stay Out of the Water

Shark attacks 19-year-old Admiral Farragut grad swimming behind her home in St. Pete Beach - St. Petersburg Times
ST. PETE BEACH — Handyman Wilbur Drummond was working next door when he joked to the young woman swimming in the murky waters of Boca Ciega Bay that she better watch out.

"I said, 'Girl you better get out of the water,' " he said. "What if some big fish takes a bite out?"

Minutes later, he heard screaming.
This is actually the daughter of an acquaintance of mine. I don't know her well enough to call her a friend, but the whole family - those I've met - are good people.

Quick thinking and some basic first aid from her sister probably helped a lot.

I wish her all the best.

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

18-year-old carjacker with knife. 74-year-old with gun. 74-Year-Old Man Shoots Would-Be Carjacker, Police Say | ChattahBox News Blog
August Peters was getting out of his car to enter his home when Martin Baltazar jumped out from behind it, and put a knife to his throat. He was attempting to rob him of his money and car, but he didn’t get very far.

Peters grabbed his gun, and shot Baltazar in the stomach.
Police were nearby and chased Baltazar through the neighborhood and eventually caught up to him collapsed in a nearby street.

He was listed as stable in a local hospital.

If You Break Into Homes...

You will eventually find an armed resident. Police: Attempted robbery lead to deadly shooting
Investigators say Thelton Chestnut and Jeremy Vereen, 22, of Conway forced their way into the home and showed a gun.

Horry County police say a person inside that home fired at the suspects, killing Chestnut.

Jeremy Vereen is charged with Burglary 1st Degree and Attempted Armed Robbery.
Self-defense is a human right. Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.

The Moral Authority of the GOP?

You would think that the GOP would abandon the holier-than-thou religious right, and just own up to who they are. Pro-Abstinence GOP Legislator Admits to Affair | HULIQ
Another fine, upstanding, GOP legislator has an affair. Hardly seems like news, except there's plenty more where that came from.

Tennessee state senator Paul Stanley is, according to his website "a member of Christ United Methodist Church, where he serves as a Sunday school teacher and board member of their day school." He's also anti-gay and a strong believer in abstinence.
I particularly like this bit of snark...
Ah, yes, young people shouldn't have sex before marriage. Does that mean they have to be married to the person they are having sex with? I guess it doesn't matter, as in this case there was no marriage involved, period.
So important for the GOP to be fine upstanding members of religious communities. It just doesn't seem to important to them to live up to the beliefs of those communities.

While this movie is probably a parody of itself...

This parody trailer is classic.

2012 does promise to be a disaster.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't Bring a Toy to a Gunfight

Burglar with fake gun fatally shot - Florida AP - He had colored out the orange "this is a toy" portion so it would look real.

So he constituted a threat, to the best knowledge of the homeowner, who wasn't armed with a toy; he was armed with a .357 magnum handgun. The expected results ensued.
The Liberty County Sheriff's Office reports that 24-year-old Octavious Barnes broke into 82-year-old Bradley Harvil's home and tried to steal about $1,100 in cash Sunday night. Authorities say Barnes was waiving around a toy pistol, colored black with a marker to look real, and assaulted Harvil.

The home owner was able to get to his real .357 magnum and shot Barnes in the chest and in the eye.
In addition to the dead guy, three women are in custody for helping to plan the robbery. They are charged with felony home invasion and second-degree murder.

But He Did “Disparage” the Police

Obama didn't "give the impression" that he disparaged the police; He DID disparage the police.

He said that the Cambridge Police acted "stupidly." Well he didn't say they were stupid, but I think most people concluded that is what he meant.

And let's be clear. I know this to be the case because I disparage the police with some regularity. So I know.

So just own up to your mistake. (As of this afternoon he hasn't apologized. He walked right up to an apology, but stopped just short.)

As someone on NPR (don't ask) pointed out this afternoon, the phrases "He is a friend of mine," and "I don't have all the facts," are usually followed by "I can't comment on the situation."

Not the most polite statement a politician has ever made.

But Obama Wouldn't Lie To Us, Would He?

Obama quoted the figure "90%" when talking about how many US guns ended up in the hands of Mexican Drug cartels. Turns out that was less than truthful. Pajamas Media � Testimony on Assault Weapons Guts Obama’s 90 Percent Lie (Obama lied, and our rights died.)

Eight (8) percent of weapons recovered in Mexico, originated from licensed US gun dealers. A total of 18 percent came from the US. The other 10 percent? Stolen weapons mostly.

So where do the other 82 percent of Mexican drug-lord weapons come from?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Sky Isn't Falling - and other gun control stories

A Tale Of Two Cities So Washington, DC, is now home to 515 legal firearms. The hysteria on the Left was that these legal firearms would lead to more crime. The truth is a little different.
Violent crime has plummeted in the Washington area ... In the District and Prince George's County, homicides are down about 17 percent this year.
That link is to the Washington Post. Not usually considered a mouthpiece of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

The other stories? (OK Story) is from New Jersey. Jersey City was scene of a horrible shooting. It wasn't a handgun, or an assault weapon, or a semi-automatic. It was a manual, pump-action shotgun. But the folks - the police - in Jersey City are having a hissy fit.

So does New Jersey need more gun control?
New Jersey already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation—even a .22 rifle that Sears used to sell is considered a banned "assault weapon." Even to purchase a "normal" rifle or a shotgun in this state you need to first acquire a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card. Needless to say, the cop-killer did not purchase or possess his shotgun legally—he had already served four years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm—a direct violation of both State and Federal Law.
But they will probably pass more laws, that will be ignored by more criminals.

Law-abiding citizens do not become criminals by exposure to guns. Guns do not, no matter what the Brady Campaign might say, emit mind-control rays. I don't think they will ever believe that.

Gratuitous Movie Posting

I am watching Rio Bravo, one of the two most ridiculous John Wayne Westerns. El Dorado wins that contest hands down, thanks to the sound track from the old Batman TV series.

So why don't they make Westerns like this anymore? Fun, and silly, but still worth watching every once in a while?

(There are certainly more ridiculous roles for Wayne. An envoy sent to Japan comes to mind. So does Genghis Khan.)

Still, as silly as it is, the Capt. Morgan run over ginger ale makes it worth watching.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Legal concealed stops a violent crime. Police: Cab Driver Kills Armed Robber - Detroit Local News Story - WDIV Detroit
Police said an armed man attempted to rob a cab driver at the Citgo Gas Station on McNichols Street around 5 a.m.

The cab driver pulled out a gun and fired several rounds, striking the thief three times, said police.
The would-be robber died at a local hospital.

The police arrested the cab driver. Not that it is unexpected. When I was an NRA safety instructor, we used to say that if you ever defended yourself, you would probably be arrested. Cops aren't supposed to figure out if you are guilty or not. That is for the DA to decide (do they bring the case?) or the courts (are you guilty?). "Every bullet comes with a lawyer attached."

Still it seems pretty straight forward, at least to me.

Self-defense is a human right.

Capitalism Isn't Quite Dead

Though I am sure the Democrats are trying to figure out how to kill it. Ford reports surprise second-quarter profit - Autos-
DEARBORN, Mich. - Helped by a lightened debt load, Ford Motor Co. posted a surprise second-quarter profit of $2.8 billion Thursday, following the worst loss in company history a year earlier.
Ford still isn't out of the woods, but things are looking up.

And in case you were wondering, I still won't buy a vehicle from Government Motors.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just as it should be...

Man facing first-degree murder charge freed | | Tallahassee Democrat The judge in the case seems to be confused about Florida's Stand Your Ground law.
Circuit Court Judge Angela Dempsey denied the motion in March, citing there was not enough information to prove Hair acted in self-defense.
You are not "guilty until proved innocent" in America, and under Florida's law, it is the duty of the prosecution to prove it was not self-defense.

A lot is being said that the reason he was charged and held (and the judge made this ridiculous statement) was because he is black. Probably too much truth to that statement.

This is Bound to Piss People Off

Liberty and JusticeAll those people who think same-sex couples should have no rights that is. Oregon Court Rules for Same-Sex Parents
Homosexual couples in Oregon who have children through artificial insemination have the same parental rights as heterosexuals, a state appeals court ruled.
[I have to admit, this story is - in part - an excuse to share this image. Liberty and Justice. Who knew?]

So the appeals court has spoken - in Oregon. I'm sure this isn't the end of the story.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tarnishing That Halo

Obama's Shrinking Approval on Health Care - Behind the Numbers OK, so I am late to catch this story. I just can't get over the glee I feel at his misfortune. Schadenfreude is a powerful thing.

I just can't see why people saw him as anything but a Chicago pol. Maybe not a machine hack, but not fighting the machine either.
Barack Obama's approval rating on the issue in the new poll fell below 50 percent for the first time, to 49 percent with 44 percent disapproving, including a 16-point decline since the 100-day mark of his presidency in approval on the issue among women and a nine-point drop among independents.
How can you give him good marks on "handling health-care reform," when he has turned the whole thing over to Pelosi and Company? Does anyone think that 1000 pages amounts to carefully considered legislation?

64 percent of liberals approve of his handling of health care, down from 81 percent in April. When the liberals turn against him, he is in trouble.

I Wonder How He Feels About Them Now

Obama held the Mayo Clinic up as a fine example of American Health Care. Now the Mayo Clinic is joining the health care debate. Mayo Clinic calls House plan bad medicine - Washington Times
Minnesota's not-for-profit Mayo Clinic, which Mr. Obama has repeatedly hailed as offering top quality care at affordable costs, blasted the House Democrats' version of the health care plan as lawmakers continue to grapple with several bills from each chamber and multiple committees.

The Mayo Clinic said there are some positive elements of the bill, but overall "the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients."

"In fact, it will do the opposite," clinic officials said, because the proposals aren't [R]patient-focused or results-oriented. "The real losers will be the citizens of the United States."
The 1000 pages - and the Democrats - seem to be more concerned with establishing even more bureaucracies.

And why is there such a rush to judgment on this bill? This is a huge part of the economy. To rush it through so Obama can have some talking points seems a bad idea, even for those areas that need review. And I'm not convinced things are as dire as he says they are.

It May Finally Be Time to Move Off Blogger Google

I kept with Blogger/Blogspot through all their problems and annoying down times and their (nearly) pointless migration.

But now that Google is engaging in censorship, I think it may be time to look elsewhere.

Just a Girl in Short Shorts has been hit with an "Objectionable Content" label. Google can't - or won't - describe why. Just some people are upset with her content. Of course she is libertarian dyke (self-described), and that drives a lot of folk's on the Left batty. So was that why people listed her blog as "objectionable?" Google won't say.

Google is not the government and is free to do what they want in the way of blogs they publish, but then so are we.

So the search for alternate hosting begins again. Free is a powerful draw, for Google. But there are other choices. So the search will begin again, for some other free site, that has less pretension to the title of Big Brother.

Even the "Annointed One" Must Admit that "Water is Wet"

Obama concedes health plan needs work Gee, ya think?

No cost control, large bureaucracy, government employees dictating health care, on and on ad nauseum.

This bill doesn't need work, it needs to be put out of our misery.

Probably Not a Valid Contract

Since he doesn't speak English and Spanish is his 2nd language, did he sign the release with full knowledge? Was he under duress? Police pay off suspect, FBI investigating incident - WWSB ABC 7 Florida

Another case of cops mistreating suspects in holding areas? (If so, the idiots apparently don't know they are on video?)
The video shows officer Christopher Childers taking Juan Perez into the booking area of the Sarasota County Jail. Perez had been arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication and obstruction. Officer Childers is seen going over to Perez, kicking him, then holding him down with his foot.
So the city pays the guy off, but his lawyer isn't so sure.

Now the FBI wants to know about criminal charges against the officer in question.

Canadians 'hit the jackpot' in Afghanistan

The Canadians and the Afghans deal a major blow to the Taliban. Van Doos 'hit the jackpot' with Taliban bomb factories
Troops from the Quebec-based Royal 22nd Regiment and their Afghan army allies "hit the jackpot" in a major combat operation that ended Sunday, discovering four factories used by the Taliban to make improvised explosive devices about 17 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City.

As well as seizing suicide bomber vests and large quantities of explosive nitrates and accelerants, the troops found three .50-calibre Russian heavy machine-guns, two rocket launchers, thousands of metres of commercial grade detonation cord and large quantities of ball bearings that can cause extreme injuries when packed into IEDs.
Canada is fighting the good fight.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Self-defense Works in the Face of Armed Robbery

Even if the bad guy has a gun, self-defense can still work. Armed Robber Shot Dead by Store Manager | NBC Miami
He demanded cash from the manager.

The manager pulled out a gun instead.

The two exchanged gunfire with the manager striking the suspect.
He died outside the store.

Self-defense is a human right.

Police Are Minutes Away

If you call 911, how long will it take? | Featured Story | Wichita Eagle It is just a fact of life that it takes time to dispatch a 911 call, and then it takes time for an officer to drive to your location.

This story follows a call, on a "quiet night" that involved a disturbance with a weapon - the weapon being a tire iron.
On the tire-iron call, which wasn't considered an emergency call, officers checked out at the scene 8 minutes and 15 seconds after being dispatched.

The overall response time for the call — 9 1/2 minutes — was about average for Priority 1 calls in Wichita in 2008.
As response times go, that isn't bad. But a lot of bad things can still happen in 9+ minutes, even if the only "weapon" is a blunt object.

Now calling 911 is a fine thing, but you should have some idea of how you are going to spend that 9 minutes. In the worst case scenario, the police have the rest of your life to reach the scene of the crime.

I hope someone on the Left will comment about how I should spend those 9 minutes if I am faced with a rapist. What should a parent do faced with someone trying to abduct their child? I mean, are they going to tell me that cooperation with criminals will ensure everyone's safety?

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Break into enough homes, and you will meet an armed homeowner. If you are really unlucky your number may come up the first time you break in. This guy broke into the wrong home. Intruder Shot and Killed In Home Invasion Robbery
Around 9:15 PM someone knocked on the door of the home of 82-year old of Bradley Harvel. Authorities say Harvel asked who was at the door but no one responded.

They say the 24-year old attacker busted into his home, attacking him with a shocking device- asking for money.

After the attacker knocked over his TV and threw him on the bed, he was able to reach for his pistol, shooting the attacker once in the chest and once in the eye killing him.
He was rumored to have money (he owns a local bar). He was elderly.

Why is it that criminals don't realize that people with money keep their money in the banks, not in their closet? When I had more money than sense, I was lucky to have 20 bucks in cash. (I paid for everything via credit to get those frequent flier miles. Loved frequent flier miles.)

Anyway, I would love for someone on the Left to tell me how an 82-year-old man is supposed to defend himself from a 24-year-old attacker without a firearm. And don't tell me how cooperation will ensure your safety - that is wishful thinking.

Self-defense is a human right.

Illinois Will Never Give Up Its Gun Control

Not as long Mayor Dumbbell Daley is in Chicago, and folks like Father Pfleger *spit* scream about guns as the problem and ignore the criminals. Still there are cracks showing in the rest of the state. Police say concealed-carry law would deter criminals - Peoria, IL -
During a recent 10-week stint at the FBI's National Academy, which brought 250 worldwide law-enforcement executives to Quantico, Va., Peoria Police Chief Steven Settingsgaard said, "Everyone I spoke to was in favor of concealed carry."

On July 9, the village of Bartonville and its police department passed a resolution in support of the ISA's recommendation for legalized concealed-carry accompanied by stringent regulation of the process.
Illinois remains one of 2 states* (the other Wisconsin) that has no concealed carry law.

But they will scream about "The Wild West" and gunfights on every corner, just like they did in every other state. Of course Chicago already has some of these problems, because criminals disobey the law. [Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms]

* People argue about Hawaii, because though they have a "May issue" law on the books, it seems the permits are rarely issued.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do People Still Think Money Insulates Them From Crime?

Marin County, California, is just north of San Francisco. Skywalker Ranch, home to George Lucas' production company, is in Marin County. If they aren't immune, why do you think you are? Domestic violence: Marin's most prevalent violent crime - Marin Independent Journal

Of course the vast majority of violence in affluent areas is not random street crime. It is still crime.
In the past five years, 88 percent of the 4,569 cases referred to the Marin district attorney's office by law enforcement agencies have involved domestic violence, according to statistics provided by the nonprofit advocacy group Marin Abused Women's Services.
That 88 percent includes a bit more than 50% of non-vehicular homicides in the county over the same period.

So does the fact that it isn't random crime, but domestic violence make it better or worse?

There are so many problems with the handling of domestic violence in this wealthy enclave, I don't where to begin, or what to leave out. Go read the whole thing.

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim Selection Process

In other words, he tried to rob someone licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Plantation police: Man shot teen who tried to rob him.
A man completed a transaction at a Bank of America ATM, 1333 S. University Dr.,Plantation, and was walking back to his car about 10:45 p.m. July 5 when he was approached by a man wearing a sleeveless basketball jersey and shorts.

His hands were under the waist of his jersey ''as though he had a gun'' and he said, “Give me your money.”
Instead of reaching for his wallet, the intended-victim pulled his own gun, and fired one shot.
At 11:05 p.m., officers were told that a man with a gunshot wound had walked into Westside Regional Medical Center wearing clothes matching those described by the victim. The 18-year-old Miramar man was charged with attempted robbery and violation of parole and there were active warrants against him for resisting an officer with violence and possession of marijuana.
Self-defense is human right, and in Florida, it is your legal right as well.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Sure This Was Just One Cop Having a Bad Day

California officer admits to sexual assault while on duty - I mean it couldn't be that this was just the time he was caught.

He forced a woman to perform sex by threatening her with his service firearm.

Oh, and the neighbors other officers are shocked.
Sanchez resigned as an officer after his indictment, Bell Police Department Capt. Anthony Miranda said. Miranda said Sanchez's case was a first for the department.

"We were in shock, and actually, disbelief," he said.
Yeah, nothing like this ever happens in small towns.....

What If the Brakes in Your Car Only Worked 82% of the Time?

That is the record of Civil Orders of Protection (Restraining orders) in one Ohio county. Do court restraining orders keep the peace? | The Newark Advocate

If I could only stop at 82 percent of the stop signs or traffic lights I encounter, I might think that the brakes in my car need work. (Assuming I survived the crashes.)

So why is that considered a good percentage when restraining orders are involved?

This percentage is in line with what others have reported.

So if your brakes failed 18 percent of the time, would you bet your life on them? [hat tip Buckeye Firearms and KABA]

Do You Think He Understands Irony?

A college professor tries to squash free speech - on a topic he doesn't like - and calls the student involved a "fascist bastard." Now that is what you call ironic. Judge puts halt to LA college rules impacting free speech - The Daily Breeze

In splendid Leftist, thought-controlling form, the Los Angeles Community College District wants to suppress all speech it considers "icky." The problem? It wants to stop Christians from talking about their point of view. Among others.
In his order, dated Monday, King agreed with a motion filed by attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund that a portion of the LACCD sexual harassment code prohibits "constitutionally protected speech that is merely offensive to some listeners, such as discussions of religion, homosexual relations and marriage, sexual morality and freedom, polygamy, or even gender politics and policies."

The judge wrote that while it may be desirable to promote "harmony and civility" in the classroom, "these values cannot be enforced at the expense of protected speech under the First Amendment."
Now I happen to think the guy is wrong about gay marriage, but you either believe in Free Speech, or you don't. I do.

The professor went on to threaten to have the student expelled for talking to the dean of academic affairs. (I guess that prof. doesn't see himself as a fascist bastard.)

Sounds more and more like the Soviet Union of American States, everyday.

2009 FBI Crime Clock

If anyone asks you why you think self-defense might be necessary, remind them that we live in an imperfect world.
  • Homicide: One person is murdered every 31 minutes.2
  • Rape: One person is raped every 1.9 minutes.3
  • Aggravated Assault: One person is assaulted every 36.9 seconds.4
  • LarcenyTheft: One home is victimized by theft every 4.8 seconds.5
  • Burglary: One home is burglarized every 18 seconds.6
  • Domestic Violence: One woman is victimized by an intimate partner every 52 seconds. One man is victimized every 3.5 minutes.7
  • Child Abuse and Neglect: One child is reported abused or neglected every 34.9 seconds.8
  • Drunk Driving: One person is killed in an alcohol-related traffic crash every 40.4 minutes.9
  • Identity Fraud: One person becomes a victim of identity theft every 4.9 seconds.10
  • Elder Abuse: One elderly person is victimized by a violent crime every 4.2 minutes.11
  • Hate Crime: One hate crime is reported to the police every 69 minutes.12
The police do not stop crimes before they occur. ("Minority Report" was fiction.) Typically, the police aren't even called until after the crime has been committed. Even if they are called while the crime is in progress, it can take them some time to arrive at the scene. This isn't a dig at cops; it is just a recognition of the circumstances they work under.

If Warren Buffet can be the victim of a home invasion, what makes you think your neighborhood is too nice to permit the possibility of crime? Self-defense is a human right.

The fine print:
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How Old Do You Have to Be to Defend Yourself?

A 10-year-old shoots an intruder. Child shoots intruder during home break-in
Deputies say Dean Favron and Roderick Porter knocked several times on the apartment door. The two young children, a ten-year-old boy and eight-year-old girl, stood on the other side, terrified. "He told his sister to be quiet and seconds later, they started kicking on the door and finally kicked the door in," said Sheriff Mike Cazes. The two children ran to their mother's bedroom closet.

In a panic, the ten-year-old grabbed his mother's gun for protection. "He did what I told him to do. I never told him to get the gun, but thank God he did," she said. Once the two suspects opened the door, threatening the kids, deputies say the boy fired a bullet into the lip of Roderick Porter. The two men were taken to the hospital by a third suspect, who is a 15-year-old juvenile. Once they got to the hospital, they were later arrested.
As one commenter on the article mentioned, kids were using guns throughout most of our history to bring home food. It would have been nice if he had some training to go with that can-do attitude.

3 bad guys in in jail. 2 kids are safe at home, and 1 of them knows he can defend himself. I love a story with a happy ending. [via KABA]

How Long Is Too Long for 911 Response?

Long enough to die, is too long. Jim Hearst’s death puts spotlight on paramedics’ wait-for-police policy - Posted Toronto No word on why paramedics were waiting for police. I suppose the dispatcher thought it might be a crime scene. It wasn't. It was a heart attack.
Witnesses say that an initial 911 call was made at about 11 p. m. about a man who had fallen at the well-kept high-rise just east of Yonge Street.

A security officer with Intelligarde reported back to her dispatcher that she was worried about Mr. Hearst’s condition, a source told the Post.

The dispatcher called 911 at 11:19 p. m.; he reported the victim was “blue in the face” and connected the operator with the security guard on the scene, the source said.

At 11:36 p. m., the dispatcher called 911 again: “I’m calling to let you know that he has no pulse.” Emergency officials were tending to Mr. Hearst at about 11:45 p. m., the source said.
45 minutes was too long.

But EMS was available after about 9 minutes. They were waiting for police. Where were police? Doing other things.

It Appears Another Restraining Order Has Failed

She filed for a restraining order in March. She died in July. Springfield man charged in death of estranged wife -
Benjamin Sanchez was arrested Friday and will be arraigned Monday on charges of murder, arson and two counts of violating a restraining order.
Innocent until proved guilty and all that, but it is clear that asking "the system" to protect her failed.

Restraining orders are interesting legal documents, but if you truly need one, you also need a plan for your personal safety.

I Hope This Judge Knows What He is Talking About

Since 2001, LAPD has been under a federal microscope due to problems in the Rampart district. Judge frees LAPD from consent decree - Los Angeles Times
U.S. District Court Judge Gary A. Feess terminated the consent decree federal officials forced on the LAPD in 2001 in the wake of the Rampart corruption scandal. The agreement required the department to undertake dozens of wide-ranging reforms meant to tighten internal checks on officers' conduct and to submit to rigorous audits by a monitor who reported to Feess on the LAPD's progress.
People always say that LEOs are good folks. But then why are there so many things like the Rampart scandal, or John Burge in Chicago, or the guys caught on video?

Most LEOs probably are good people, but there are a fair number of idiots - bullies - in uniform. And they do a tremendous amount of harm to the rule of law, to people's respect for law enforcement and law enforcement's "image." Unless and until the police and the police unions stop protecting these idiots and get the bad cops out of policing, these problems will steadily get worse... until the federal government has to step as happened in LA.

A Look At the Political Culture Running Washington

The politicians from Chicago, hate business. Making it impossible to do business is just the kind of thing they love in Chicago. Chicago, city that works? --

Impossible rules. Ex post facto imposition of fines. (It was legal then, not legal now, you owe a fine.) The list of things goes on.

And that is view of business now on the lose in Washington. Business is the enemy to be taxed and regulated to no end. Forget that small business provides most of the jobs in this country, and we need more jobs not fewer.

But I really love this observation...
A street vendor selling bottles of water on a hot day will be harassed by police if he does not have a special license or if he crossed an invisible line into a no-peddling zone. (Aldermen can arbitrarily draw lines around neighborhoods to prohibit selling on the street.) If his citations have piled up and he cannot afford to pay them off, he will not even be allowed to make things right and get a license. Meanwhile, all too often, he knows that the drug dealers across the street ply their trade undisturbed. [my emphasis: Z-Deb]
It is much easier to hurt small business that is legal. You are much less likely to be shot by a bottled-water vendor than a you are by a drug dealer.

I love the arbitrary rules. (And those arbitrary rules can change any day.) How are you supposed to do business in this environment? If you are a small business person, you aren't.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Neighbors looking out for each other can make a tremendous difference. Neighbor Kills Suspect in Arizona Home Robbery
Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Dawn M. Barkman says a neighbor called police as three men broke into a home Friday and pistol-whipped the homeowner. She says the men then fired shots at another neighbor who intervened as they were leaving the home.

Authorities say one suspect was shot as the neighbor's son returned fire.
That guy who got shot died later at a local hospital. The other 2 goblins are in police custody.

Neighbors can make a difference. Armed neighbors can make a tremendous difference.

3 goblins are off the streets, thanks to law-abiding gun owners.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Promise to Raise Taxes.

That's what it amounts to. Obama moves to reassure doubters on health plan's cost
He also sought to reassure doubters that he'll make sure the plan, which could cost roughly $1 trillion over a decade, won't add to the federal deficit - twice saying, "I mean it."
If you think they won't raise your taxes, just taxes on "the rich," you are kidding yourself.

Just Another Socialist Power Grab

Private, individual insurance? Not under "reform." It's Not An Option
It turns out we were right: The provision would indeed outlaw individual private coverage. Under the Orwellian header of "Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage," the "Limitation On New Enrollment" section of the bill clearly states:

"Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day" of the year the legislation becomes law.

So we can all keep our coverage, just as promised — with, of course, exceptions: Those who currently have private individual coverage won't be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers.
Welcome to the Socialist Republic of America. [Thanks to Tammy Bruce via Twitter]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And People Really Believe Real Estate Is Stabilizing?

Foreclosures at record high in first half 2009 despite aid - Yahoo! News And that has to cover the fact that foreclosures were frozen for part of the time by various state and federal mandates while the problem got "fixed."

People have homes they can't afford, purchased with loans they didn't (bother to) understand. You can't "fix" that problem, except take the homes away from them.
June's foreclosure activity was the third highest on record, and the fourth straight month of filings on more than 300,000 properties.
The rate would seem to be increasing, not stabilizing.

So how exactly is the real estate market going to see higher prices with this many more homes dumped on the market?

With the government doing everything it can to ensure people can't start new businesses, this is going to get a lot worse.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Road Again

Posting will be light ... visit the blogs listed in the sidebar.

Meet the New Boss (of marketing)

Same as the old boss of marketing.... exactly the same.Energized Lutz says he's not done yet | | Detroit Free Press OK, this guy is 77 years old, and he retired not that long ago. I guess it wasn't to make room for new blood.

Now he did spearhead the Volt, but he is basically a throw-back to the great past of Detroit muscle cars.

So is this really the leadership for the new era of "Government Motors?" Sad to say, but "more of the same" is probably all they can hope for.

Oh, and I still refuse to buy any car from Government Motors.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Srebrenica Remembered - The United Nations' Fault Forgotten

July 11, 1995 was a day to remember. Almost no one does it seems. It was that day, 14 years ago that saw the start of the massacre of Srebrenica by the Serbian military.

There are many news stories on the memorials that were held today. But almost none of them even mention that the UN was involved in anyway. This Reuters' article is typical. Bosnia buries, mourns Srebrenica massacre victims | International | Reuters It only mentions war-crimes trails... after the fact.

The Voice of America article,VOA News - Srebrenica Massacre Victims Travel to Final Resting Place, mentioned that Srebrenica was supposed to have been a "United Nations-protected enclave." But they don't elaborate on how it was protected, or why that protection failed.

None of the articles I scanned mentioned the fact that UN Peacekeepers, backed up by another worthless UN Security Council resolution were authorized to use deadly force to protect Srebrenica. They never fired a shot.

Not one of the articles I scanned mentioned the fact that UN Peacekeeping force was supplying the Serbian military with diesel fuel to run the heavy equipment (for digging mass graves) and buses (for transporting soon-to-be-dead-people to those graves).

I guess they don't want to tarnish the reputation of their beloved United Nations (or Useless Nitwits... take your pick).

8000 men and boys were killed in that "UN protected enclave."

In 1995, my cynical nature said that the reason no one cared was because it was a case of the Christians exterminating the Muslims. I guess I am still cynical.

++++ My Post from the 10th Anniversary follows. ++++

10 years ago, on the afternoon of 11 July 1995, Bosnian Serb troops began the final extermination of the Muslim population of Srebrenica.

London Telegraph: Grief and Guilt at Graveside. The diplomats bemoan the occurrence. Even Kofi Annan *spit* accepts some responsibility on behalf of the UN, but it is not enough.

The Useless Nitwits at the United Nations don't want the people of the world to have access to small arms (things like AK-47's or FN/FAL rifles). Yet Srebrenica demonstrates to the world that the UN will not protect those people when they need protection.

Srebrenica was to have been a UN enforced "safe area." It became a death trap.
When the Serbian onslaught rolled through Srebrenica, it made a mockery of United Nations Security Council Resolution 819, passed in April 1993, establishing it as a "safe area' after an earlier brutal offensive. Resolution 836 "guaranteed" protection for Srebrenica by "all necessary means, including the use of force", stipulating that "all military or paramilitary units would either withdraw from the demilitarized zone or surrender all their arms." The battered conclave was put into the care of the UN's Dutch battalion in February 1995.

Instead of a safe area, Srebrenica under relentless shelling became a nightmare zone. The town was teeming with refugees, many living on the streets. As the Serbs prepared their final solution to the siege, they blocked most UN aid convoys into Srebrenica, cutting off food shipments, medical supplies and even the supply of shoes. The Serbs confiscated cooking salt from UN aid convoys, replacing it with industrial salt to poison the townspeople.
The safe areas became UN-run concentration camps.

Some accounts hold that even though the use of force was authorized in advance, UN troops offered NO Resistance to the Serbs.

After the city was overrun, mass executions began. Did the UN try to stop them? No.
The UN Dutch battalion was even giving the Bosnian Serbs the fuel to drive the buses that brought the victims to the execution sites and the bulldozers which ploughed the corpses of their victims into the ground. [Ref.]
But the UN (and Amnesty International and many others) believe that citizens should be disarmed - as they were in Srebrenica, as they were in the Warsaw Ghetto, and in many other places genocide has been carried out. They say that the UN or the "International Community" will come to your aid. To the people who say this, I would ask them to name 3 places in which this international community came to anyone's aid in time to prevent most of the atrocities from occurring.

Earlier in the year, we observed the anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. The speeches were about "learning the lessons of history," to ensure the horrors would not be repeated. But they have been repeated, over and over again. And over and over again, a disarmed populace is left at the mercy of those bent on genocide. Srebrenica is only the one we are talking about today. Someday our attention will return to Darfur, or we will remember the Hutu/Tutsi conflict. But I doubt seriously that the international community will ever come to the aid of those being exterminated by their own governments.

No Punishment for Negligent Discharge

You shoot someone in the gut - even by accident - and you should have to do something, even if only face a suspension. Chief shows how to load bullets, shoots an officer | | The Des Moines Register
"He was explaining that the magazine that fits the full-size Smith & Wesson also fits the subcompact," Wilber said. "He was juggling the magazine between the guns and had a gun in each hand and his duty weapon discharged."
The weapon discharged... all on its own. Not that he actually fired the weapon.

There are some simple rules of handling guns. Juggling doesn't fall in there as a method of safe handling. He didn't keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction. He didn't unload the weapon that was not in use. He didn't keep his finger away from the trigger. He did act like and idiot.

I am sure he feels bad. (He will feel worse after reading everything that everyone will write about it.) He should still face something like a suspension, or worse.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Guy Advising Obama on Science is a Bit Scary

A book he authored in 1977 says some fairly disturbing things. John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet

And no it isn't a hoax. You can find the table of contents and some example pages here.

He really does sound like a Czar. Evil. Despot. After more power and control. [via Michelle Malkin]

Virginia Foxx is One Reason Republicans Won't Win National Elections

Not the only reason, but she is one reason that a lot of people won't touch the party. Loose cannons: Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC)
During a House floor debate on hate crimes legislation, Foxx ridiculed the notion that Matthew Shepard was killed because he was gay, calling it “a hoax that continues to be used as an excuse for passing these bills.”
She didn't say exactly why he was beaten, tied to a fence and left to freeze to death.

Oh, and she said all this while Shepard's mother was in the visitors' gallery. Really classy!

You may not like the idea of hate crimes, but if not, why aren't you working day and night to eliminate the ones we have (on race, religion, etc.). Or is it only Gay Hate Crime legislation you have a problem with?

Foxx of course "apologized" to everyone, and said "hoax" was a poor choice of words. (Gee, ya think?) No word on what she actually meant to say.

Of course she isn't the only bone headed politician. They are on both sides of the aisle. But she is the one today, suffering from terminal foot-in-mouth disease.

Hate is not a family value. Really.

And while I am certain that not all Republicans feel the way she does, she isn't in the minority. The Republican Party will fight against Gay Hate Crimes laws. They are perfectly happy with the ones we have, but new hate crimes laws will gut the constitution. They will fight to keep the Defense of Marriage Act, because they claim gay marriage kills straight marriage. (Can't you just feel the sanctity of your marriage being sucked dry by all those gay married couples in England, Israel, Canada, the New England states - mostly - the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Spain, not to mention the couples with "civil unions" in most of Australia, states in Argentina and Brazil, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, and Switzerland.) The Republicans will fight against the Employment Non-discrimination Act because it violates the sacred right of bosses to fire queers, or something. Do I need to mention Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Tell me I am wrong. And then try and convince me.

New Orleans' Finest?

Bar brawl. Witness intimidation. etc. etc. NOPD cops lied about bar brawl, inquiry says - One was fired. One was suspended. Three had no action taken.

I wish I had those kind of benefits!
The New Orleans Police Department's own internal investigation into a high-profile 2008 bar fight between off-duty officers and city transit workers found that five of its officers broke police conduct rules and then lied to investigators, with at least one officer coercing a civilian witness to lie about the incident, according to an internal report made public Thursday.
Break policy and have no repercussions? Why have the damn policy? [via KABA]

Giant Robot in Tokyo

Gundam - Tokyo But how does this help the Olympic bid? 'Gundam'

Click the image for a larger view.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

So How Should a 62-yr-old Defend Himself?

The Left loves to say that no one needs a gun, but how do you defend yourself against 4 armed thugs without something to equalize the situation? Jewelry salesman shoots 2 amid East Memphis robbery : Memphis Commercial Appeal
Four men, all described as speaking Spanish, had pounced on a traveling jewelry salesman, trying to take his merchandise.

Instead, 62-year-old Stephen Fleischman pulled his weapon and shot two of the suspects, leaving them bleeding in the parking lot as the others fled, Memphis police said. At least two of the suspects were armed.
And the "speaks Spanish" is relevant.
FBI officials said the groups of illegal immigrants stake out traveling salesmen and jewelry shows, sometimes traveling across the country.
Without a tool to equalize the situation, the old or the infirm would be at the mercy of the young and the violent. The single person, would be a the mercy of the gang of thugs. The thugs lost out this time around.

Self-defense is a human right, and in Tennessee it is your legal right.

China Has to Move Slowly, or Risk Losing it All

They aren't really too happy with all the dollars they hold, but if they move too fast, they will make those dollars worth-less (if not worthless). So they are moving away from dollar-denominated contracts. Yuan deposes Dollar on China border in sign of future
“In recent years, the dollar has gone in only one direction and that is down,” said Huang, 45, in his second- floor office in Pingxiang, a town set amongst karst limestone hills and sugar-cane fields in China’s southwest Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, three kilometers (1.9 miles) from Vietnam. “Settling our orders in yuan removes a major risk.”
The dollar is a fiat currency. That means it is worth exactly what people think it is worth. So do you really think the US government can print money, and issue debt indefinitely, and people will always think it is a good currency? Neither do I.

So China will move slowly. But they will move away from the dollar. They really can't afford to do anything else.

A Slap on the Wrist

So what do you think should happen to a bunch of cops who hit (non-violent) people with truncheons and left 200 people (including reporters) injured? No LAPD officers will be fired in 2007 May Day incident - Los Angeles Times One officer was suspended for 20 days. The rest received less censure than that.
An internal investigation into the incident that left more than 200 demonstrators and journalists reporting injuries blamed poor leadership, overly aggressive tactics and lack of training.
Because they need to be trained not to use excessive force. (That isn't common sense - or commmon decency - or anything.)

Of course only 4 officers were sent before the review board. More than 4 officers were involved.

The Real Question is "Why the Cover-up?"

Is Chicago Covering Up Independence Eve Gang Shooting? - Chicagosphere It couldn't have anything to do with Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics, and their need to convince the International Olympic Committee that all would be well in Chicago? No Mayor Dumbbell Daley would never lie about violence (or where he lives, or anything).

Oh, and all those police assigned to protect those (revenue-producing) suburbanites at the Taste of Chicago and the fireworks, that didn't have anything to do with the rash of violence around the rest of the city. Daley blames warm weather, booze for deadly weekend :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Daley: Police presence at Taste not to blame for deadly weekend. No, he wouldn't lie about that.

11 people were killed in the City over the weekend. (So how were so many people shot in a city that outlaws guns? Guess that gun-control isn't keeping crime at bay.)

No One Believes in Anything, These Days,,,

Not even leaving the dead in peace. New estimate on cemetery bodies: 200 to 300 - Chicago Breaking News

200 to 300 bodies were disinterred, and the graves resold at Burr Oak Cemetery in suburban Chicago.
One of the first predominantly African-American cemeteries in the area, Burr Oak is the resting place of many historic figures, including civil rights symbol Emmett Till, blues legend Dinah Washington and heavyweight boxing champion Ezzard Charles.

Dart said he was certain Till's remains were not disturbed, but he could not be sure about the others.
Apparently a lot of grieving family members would pay in cash, which lead to a lot of stealing on the part of the cemetery employees.
Former cemetery manager Carolyn Towns, 49, foreman Keith Nicks, 45, and dump-truck operator Terrence Nicks, 39, all of Chicago, and back-hoe operator Maurice Dailey, 59, of Robbins, were each charged with one count of dismembering a human body, a Class X felony.
Sad really, but this kind of thing has come to be representative of what happens in and around Chicago.

It Really Is the Little Things that Matter

police scofflawsThat is what New York's Broken Windows strategy was all about. Stop the small crimes, and the criminals won't get to the big crimes. Unfortunately the NYPD now seems to believe at least some of the rules don't apply to them. Streetsblog New York City � Eyes on the Street: NYPD Shows Bus Lane Scofflaws How It’s Done [click the image for larger view.]

So blocking the bus lane doesn't seem like a big thing. What would happen to your car if you parked there? Ticketed certainly. Towed?
"At first I figured they were responding to an emergency," O'Leary said, "but there was no police presence on the street or sidewalk, they were ALL unoccupied, and the lights and engines were off."

The community affairs desk at Midtown South denied that officers from that precinct ever park in this bus lane. Perhaps officers from another precinct decided to make a pit stop.
The result was gridlock, as buses, were kept out of their lane and had to block a traffic lane.

But you see those pesky "no parking" rules just don't apply to the cops.

So Which Part of the Obama Administration Do You Believe?

The EPA says that Cap and Trade will have no real impact on carbon emissions... The Energy Secretary disagrees. U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
EPA Administrator Jackson confirmed an EPA analysis showing that unilateral U.S. action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would have no effect on climate.
Energy Secretary Chu disagrees.

So they will pass the law, and even more jobs will move from expensive energy in the US to low cost energy in China.
Sen. Inhofe said. "With China and India recently issuing statements of defiant opposition to mandatory emissions controls, acting alone through the job-killing Waxman-Markey bill would impose severe economic burdens on American consumers, businesses, and families, all without any impact on climate."
Hat tip to Michelle Malkin - via Twitter.

Self-defense is Legal in North Carolina

No charges filed against Sneads Ferry man who shot intruders He shot a guy breaking into his home. He defended himself. That's legal.
Landon Crews, of Crows Nest Lane, shot 18-year-old Cyle Norris early Monday morning. Detectives with the Onslow County Sheriff's Department said Norris was trying to crawl through a broken window when Crews shot him in the right forearm with No. 7 shot from a 12-gauge shotgun.

Norris and three other local men were charged with first-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools and conspiracy.
The article contains a long passage from the relevant NC law.
"The long and the short of it is he didn't break the law," Sheriff Ed Brown said.
Since Crews warned these four repeatedly before they finally broke that window, you have to wonder what they were thinking. Maybe you could file this under "stupid criminals" because they didn't believe there would be a response.

In the final analysis, I don't care about that. Four bad guys are in the system and the good guy is safe.

Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0. (Well, there is one "person of interest" still being sought by police....) [via KABA]

So the Price of Oil Has Gone Down...

Should we Blame The Speculators! - (Well I wanted it to be a question....)

People want to blame speculators for rising prices. Just doesn't work that way. Here's a history lesson for you.
In the past, dictators like Stalin killed peasants for hoarding food.
Was that really why there was famine in the old Soviet Union? Or did government controls really quash the economy?

Today the issue isn't food prices - well not in America it isn't - it is the price of oil. So are speculators to blame? What about when the price was going to 100 dollars a barrel? Was that caused by speculation?
In testimony to the U.S. Senate in April 2008, Chief Economist Jeffrey Harris said the run-up of oil prices past $100 a barrel was due to increased demand, not speculators.

"There is little evidence speculative positions are systematically driving up crude oil prices," Harris concluded.

For that study, the [Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)] sifted through millions of trading records available only to the agency. It found that when news hits the energy markets, commercial traders at airlines, oil companies and utilities are the first to react, with financial traders following. The researchers found no evidence of things going the other way around, with speculators driving up prices and nervous commercial traders piling in to protect themselves.
That isn't speculation - that is called hedging. Airlines and transport companies generally, and utilities dependent on oil are really sensitive to the price of oil and fuel. So they participate in the futures market in an effort to keep costs down. Do you think that is a bad idea?

Oh and prices will go up again. UBS ups oil price view for 2009 and 2010 - MarketWatch
UBS increased its oil price view for 2009 and 2010 to $70 a barrel from $51 this year and $58 next, citing second quarter prices coming in $10 a barrel higher than its forecast, declining inventories in the second half of 2009 and into 2010, a weakening dollar in 2010 and 2011, and the market's willingness for greater risk appetite.
Oh, and the falling dollar... Yuan deposes Dollar on China border in sign of future China is actually trying to do something to limit its exposure to US government insanity. (More on this later.)

But when prices go up again, late this year, and next, I know people will blame the speculators.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A few hundred billion here, a few hundred billion there...

What is another trillion dollars among friends politicians? Even the CBO isn't counting all the money these days. CBO Says Medicaid Expansion Would Cost $500 Billion That is it would cost the FEDERAL government 500 billion. That states would also have extra costs, but the CBO doesn't count those costs.

So the total price tag for Obama's socialized medicine idea was supposed to be $600 billion, but add this $500 billion for Medicare, and that's 1.1 trillion dollars. And that doesn't cover the 43% of Medicare costs picked up by the states. Another few hundred million dollars, I'm sure.

Do politicians really believe the crap they sling around?

The taxpayer has to come up with ANOTHER trillion dollars?

Pink Pistols: Still Freaking People Out

gay flagI love the way that the Pink Pistols upset absolutely everyone. This article points that out. Here, queer, and without fear: Gays and lesbians lock and load in self-defense | Minneapolis - St. Paul

When early members of the Pink Pistols started showing up at 2nd Amendment rallies,
“People didn’t know whether to run or shake our hands,” [Bob Odden, the Twin Cities chapter founder] says.
Gays are also freaked. (The PP logo is all about guns, which apparently are icky.)
Disconcerted by the negative reaction they were receiving from the GLBTQ community, the Twin Cities Pink Pistols started to emphasize the need for self-defense. Rather than just focusing on guns, the group also encouraged other forms of self-defense, such as mace and high-voltage stun guns. “After we changed the banner to self-defense, people understood more what we were about,” Odden says.
Which is what I am about. Self-defense is a human right, even in locales where they restrict your right to carry concealed (or open) you must have a plan. I use what is available. A combination of mace and pepper-spray works pretty well, though nothing is perfect. (Something is probably better than nothing.)

The Twin Cities now have 2 groups: A Pink Pistols Chapter and the North Star Gay and Lesbian Gun Club, which broke off from the Pink Pistols to obtain Non-profit status. (The national PP org made some political endorsements, making non-profit a no-go.)
Dana Wolfe and Emi Briet have founded a new Twin Cities chapter of the Pink Pistols; they hope to hold an initial meeting this summer. Like the North Star group, Wolfe said the group will steer clear of political discourse, except to inform the participants about upcoming gun legislation.

They also hope to make a push for women to feel welcome in the group. Also, Wolfe said that she wants the group to have a strong queer association. “We don’t want to hide the fact that we’re queer,” she says. She’s concerned that the North Star club has downplayed the GLBTQ aspect. “It needs to be a queer identity movement,” she said. “Otherwise, what distinguishes us from the NRA?”
I just love to see Pink Pistols in the news.

It Seems the Gays Aren't the Only Group Obama is Throwing Under the Bus

Lot's of liberal groups believed his campaign rhetoric instead of looking at his (sometimes very thin) record. Turns out people other than the gay community are opening their eyes to the truth. Obama is No Friend of Israel
Many glossed over the fact that President Obama sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s pews for over 20 years listening to anti-Semitic hate speech, maintained personal relationships with well known Israel haters like Rashid Khalidi, called for a policy of engagement with state sponsors of terrorism including Iran and Hamas, and had no track record whatsoever prior to the presidential campaign of support for Israel. It wasn’t that they weren’t informed of these things, it’s just that Jewish Americans, a traditional liberal voting bloc, simply took him at his word that he would continue uninterrupted the tradition of American support for Israel.
Some of the things that are worrisome follow. (Read the article for the complete list.)
  • Calls for Israel to give up control of the Old City of Jerusalem - to the UN or some 3r party.
  • Calls for Israel to sign Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. In exchange for exactly nothing. (Give up their nuclear deterrent, while Iran develops their bomb?)
  • Obama's Cairo speech equated Holocaust with Israel's treatment of Palestinians. (So far I don't think Israel has been systematically trying to exterminate everyone of a certain ethnicity, but maybe I am not paying attention.)
My favorite is America joining the UN Human Rights Council - that UN body that repeatedly takes Israel to task, but can't find any indication of wrong doing in Somalia and has no problem with the execution of gay men in Arab countries or the stoning of women for the terrible crime of being rape-victims. Yeah, that is the council I want to be a part of.

78% of Jewish Americans voted for Obama. Just like the Gay Community, some of them are surprised at what they got.

Because Shouting At a Bear in Your Home Makes Sense

The Left loves to go about how no one needs a gun. Not even if there is black bear in your kitchen? Rash of bear break-ins rattle Boulder residents : Boulder, CO
Authorities responded to several reports of bears in homes or yards west of Boulder on Tuesday night, including one in which a bear walked into a house in Sunshine Canyon.
So what would you do if a bear was in your home or your yard? Remember, they can be dangerous. [That is a list of FATAL attacks, and does not include any mauling the victim survived.] Would you change your tune if there were children around? If you are anti-hunting, the answer is, "probably not."

Still for what it's worth, if I am ever faced with a bear, I hope I have a 12 gauge or something similar at hand.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Worries Lead to More Gun Permits

It seems that at least one part of the economy is stimulated. Gun permits surge since Obama election
Kentucky State Police say they issued 16,114 licenses last year to carry concealed deadly weapons. The number issued through June 29 this year was already 15,531.

Indiana issued 42,403 new handgun permits in the first four months of this year, up from 29,029 in the same period last year.
But Obama says there is nothing to fear....

Not Bad for the People's Republic of Illinois

They try and try to make it impossible to defend yourself, but it still happens every once in a while. Robbers Meet Their Match-- One Homeowner Fights Back
Police say suspects DeCarlos J. Wells, and Michael Ellis, both in their early 20's, showed up to the home, masked, with guns, demanding that the homeowner go inside.

When Lonnie Tinsley refused, he says the robbers beat him with a gun, but Tinsley fought back. He dragged the alleged criminals into the house, pulled out his own gun and started shooting. Tinsley's gunshots did hit one of the suspects. DeCarlos wells was shot in the lower back and went through surgery at Methodist Medical Center. Police are waiting for him to recover before arresting him.
I imagine they will try to prosecute the homeowner for something.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

To Tea Party, or Just Plain Party?

That is a question. There are 3 tea parties in reasonable driving range. One claims to be as much about "Judeo Christian tradition" as about taxes. I take that to mean gays, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc. need not apply. One is in a restaurant parking lot, in Clearwater. And one is in, what I can only describe as a red-neck community. (I lived there for the longest 6 months of my life, trust me I know.)

Most Americans - of any political persuasion - believe that if you ask one question, you can determine my entire set of political views, however unrelated the topics. If I am against higher taxes and bigger government, I must be in favor of the Judeo-Christian tradition*. If I am in favor of 2nd Amendment Rights, I must be opposed to abortion and in favor of capital punishment. I view the world in slightly more complex terms than that.

So 2 of these 3 Tea Parties, will likely be annoying to me. (Trust me on the red-neck community - I was annoyed for those 6 months.) The 3rd, sounds like a way to make money for an enterprising restaurateur.

Enjoy your tea parties. I wish you well.

* As a student of history, the only tradition I see, is that every couple of hundred years or so, the Christians try to exterminate the Jews. From the Inquisition, to the Edict of Expulsion kicking Jews out of England, (they would later be expelled from France and Spain) to the Pogroms in Eastern Europe to the Holocaust, that tradition is pretty clear. Then there is U. S. Grant's General Order 11, which didn't degenerate into killing, but looked to be sliding that way, and the whole issue of "restricted communities." Sort of ethnic cleansing without all the unpleasantness. Read later works of Martin Luther - he was quite distressed in his later years that the Jews didn't flock to his new church after he broke with Rome. He was so distressed he said some pretty nasty things, which other Germans dusted off in the 1930s for another purpose. Then, we can talk about the "tradition."

So Much For Monday's Photo Op

The Obama Administration - after trying to do some damage control on Monday - has pretty much thrown the gay community under the bus. AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth: Obama deputy campaign manager abandons DOMA & DADT as priorities What a surprise.

He will actually do nothing. He hopes Congress will get to Hate Crimes, Employment Non-discrimination and safe schools. Those are good things. But not what we are interested in.
First, that the burden for doing anything pro-gay in the remaining three and a half years of the Obama administration is now shifted to Congress. Obama has no role whatsoever, and no power to influence anything, even though he's still the leader of the free world. The essay makes clear that the onus is on Congress and no one else.

Second, the three big gay rights priorities that Congress should be focusing on do not even include what have organically become the community's top two priorities: repealing DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell. They're not even mentioned in the Obama deputy's essay.
So much for our "friend and fierce advocate." He can't be bothered to lift a finger.

And don't think for a moment that this essay wasn't vetted by the White House generally. Of course it was.

But then why should the Dems do anything? They don't have to do anything. (The LGBT community just raised millions of dollars for the Dems - while being pissed off.) Nothing of substance will happen. If the LGBT community would try to have some influence with the Republicans - not the crazy religious nuts, but the free-market, small government Republicans - then maybe the Democrats would have to do something. As it stands today, neither group needs to do anything different. The Republicans can stay in the hands of the Religious nuts, and the Democrats can speak in platitudes about gay rights, but then never actually have to do anything.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Like I Said, Chicago is a Mess

JusticePolice work in Chicago. Just plain criminal. Ex-Chicago cop gets 19 years in robbery sting --
Doroniuk testified against his partner at the trial, saying officers routinely carried a little crack cocaine to plant on suspects when searches came up empty and stole cash from drug dealers during raids and traffic stops. He also said they routinely paid informants, falsified reports, lied in court and even kicked back cash to an undisclosed judge for pushing through a bogus warrant.
Say it again. Cops ROUTINELY planted drugs on people when searches came up empty. Very nice. Not one cop having a bad day. A whole group of cops breaking the law as a matter of course.

May they all rot in hell, because it is clear, very few of them will face justice.

You Have to Love the Advice

Jody Wies - the head of Chicago PD - told women to carry a cell phone, because someone is attacking women at night. Well, guns are illegal in Chicago - handguns anyway. Chicago homicide, overall crime rate down :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

So there is good news. Still a lot of crime, but the Chicago PD is doing something right. But the city is really a mess.
Overall violent crime was down 4.4 percent in the first six months. But Weis noted that that there have been several incidents in June of women being attacked at night, and he encouraged women to travel with friends, stay away from poorly lit areas, be aware of their surroundings and carry a cell phone.
Yeah, that cell phone will keep them safe.

The Bad Guys Still Haven't Realized Texans Are Armed

Home invasion. Barking Dog. Armed Resident. Alerted by dog, Sugar Land man shoots intruder | Houston & Texas News | Houston Chronicle

You would think by now that the bad guys would figure this out.
[Doug Adolph, Sugar Land Police Department spokesman,] said the resident, who has not been identified, was asleep when he heard his dog barking.

The resident woke up, grabbed a pistol near his bed and went to the front room.

He opened the front door but saw nobody.

When he closed the door and turned around, he spotted a man near him in the apartment.

The man rushed toward him. Fearing for his life, the resident fired once, hitting the man in the chest, Adolph said.
The resident stepped over the guy - who had fallen down - and called 911. While he was on the phone, the would-be-bad-guy got up and ran.

A man with a gunshot wound to the chest was picked up later at local hospital.

Self-defense is a human right, and in Texas it is your legal right. [via [KABA]

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

So a guy is upset (understatement) that his abused wife finally left. So he goes looking for her. East of Loxley: Man forces open front door, gets shot by brother-in-law -
A man shot and killed his brother-in-law, apparently in self-defense, late Wednesday at a home just east of the Loxley area, officials with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office said.

David Daniel, the homeowner, shot Andrew "Andy" Buettner of Robertsdale in the chest after Buettner kicked in the front door, Sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack said. Buettner thought his wife and child were staying at the home, but they were not, Mack said.
Pretty straight-forward self-defense
I think.

Long-term issues of domestic abuse were involved, but they are over now.

People Refuse to Believe This is True

The UK - that place that used to be Great Britain - has a higher violent crime rate than the US. The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S. | Mail Online [Click the image for a better view]
Britain's violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it is revealed today.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa - widely considered one of the world's most dangerous countries.
A few statistics are in order.
he figures, compiled from reports released by the European Commission and United Nations, also show:

* The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.
* It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
* The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
* It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of offences than recorded in Germany and France.
The Labour Party is spinning like mad, talking about differences in counting and reporting, but then I thought Brits had given up reporting some crimes, since nothing would be done about them. But they have twice the rate of crime of 2nd place Austria and 4 times the rate of the US. [Via Uncle]

Also see an older post on this topic: Crime in the UK versus the US.

Obama Wants You to Have Less Health-care

That is really the only way he is going to drive down, costs, and he states it pretty clearly. Obama Addresses Health-Care Reform at Virtual Town Hall Meeting -
And it turns out that every study shows that the question is, are you getting the right care, are you getting the best care, the high-quality care, rather than are you having a whole bunch of tests ordered that are unnecessary, getting a bunch of treatments that are unnecessary, staying in hospitals longer than may be necessary all of which drives up your costs but doesn't make you better.
First off, what universe is he living in where people spend too much time in the hospital? Procedures that used to involve at least an over-night stay, have turned into out-patient at a great rate since the 80s and 90s. All the doing of those eeeevil insurance companies. So he wants to further reduce people's hospitalization. OK.

So tests will be reduced? Well, tests are how doctors figure out what is wrong with you. They often don't know what is wrong, just by talking to you or looking at you. So how are doctors supposed to figure out what treatment you need?

But then treatments will be reduced too. Sometimes doctors try things as a stop-gap to keep you alive, while they try to figure out what is wrong.

Do doctors do unneeded tests and procedures? No doubt. It is usually done under the heading of "Insurance Fraud."

He cites how things are done at the Mayo Clinic. They do good work there, I am sure. They call in all the specialists at one time to consult. OK. That sounds expensive in the 90% of cases where only 1 specialist is needed. On problem cases - the kind that get referred to the Mayo Clinic - I am sure this makes sense. Is it a model for the average health-care interaction? Somehow I doubt it.

Of course a lot of medicine is done with an eye toward malpractice suits. "Defensive medicine" because people expect good outcomes.
We've got to create a simplified, more effective system where they are reimbursed for quality care as opposed to having to distort their practices in ways that don't actually make their patients better.
But we aren't going to do anything about malpractice, because that wouldn't be fair.

So which way do you want to have it?

Do you want doctors to be able to determine what is wrong and treat it? That may involve a lot a testing. Do you want doctors to ignore the threat of malpractice? That might involve some other changes.

I know the man isn't stupid, I just wish I knew what he really was trying to accomplish. (I have my suspicions, but they are only suspicions.)

You're Guilty! And Stupid Too!

Judge says Bethlehem man 'stupid' for home invasion - Justice with a side of insults?

OK, so the guy was a screw up. Pointing it out to him really doesn't accomplish anything. Except to make you feel better. Or something.

The End of an Era

Death of Kodachrome belies technological leap it represented - Ars Technica The best photos I ever took were on Kodachrome. A sad day indeed, but it was not a surprise. Only 1 or 2 labs were left to process the slide film.

And before you extol the virtues of your favorite digital camera, consider that a 35mm Kodachrome slide contained about 26 mega-pixels of information. There are digital cameras that can duplicate that, but they aren't for sale at Best Buy. And they aren't cheap.
They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, Oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away