Thursday, October 29, 2009

So What Are We Getting for the Stimulus Dollar?

Junk. Probably. Stimulus dollars going to accused contractors 30 companies with horrible histories have received 1.2 billion in stimulus funds.
Government records show that as a group, these contractors have sold defective products, manufactured safety tests, submitted false travel claims and padded contracts with fraudulent fees.
And refresh my memory... weren't 'no bid' contracts a problem when Bush was in office?
Obama explicitly warned against awarding contracts without competitive bidding in a memo released to agency heads weeks after he signed the act, saying they create "a risk that taxpayer funds will be spent on contracts that are wasteful, inefficient, subject to misuse." (So far, half of the $16 billion awarded under the stimulus has gone to contractors that did not have to compete for the work.)
What's 16 billion between friends?

Actually, I don't blame Obama. (How much input did provide to the stimulus bill, really?) No, the blame for all of this lands at the feet of Congress. And the American public that believes government can solve all of their problems.

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