Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What if You Got a DUI, Even if You Hadn't Been Drinking

In Chicago actually being drunk isn't necessary. They have to make DUI arrests. Lawsuit accuses cop of fake DUI arrests - abc7chicago.com

Here is one example:
In the video, the driver is told to walk a straight line and next, to touch his finger to his nose with eyes closed. Finally, he's told to stand on one leg for 30 seconds, eyes closed.

"I've been doing DUIs since 1992, and I've never seen a subject do the one-leg stand this well," said Jon Erickson, the attorney for plaintiffs.
He was still charged with DUI.
"I feel like I was targeted because I was walking out of a bar, and he needed to make a DUI arrest," Faezell said.

"And then, he goes, 'Oh wow, two strikes. You're black and you're a [expletive]' and told me, basically, my life was going to be ruined because of this DUI," Leaks told ABC7 Chicago.
No racial prejudice in the CPD!

Then there is the case of the deaf woman who does some lip reading.
A grand jury has been hearing from witnesses like Susan Kolinek, who is deaf and says Fiorito ignored her requests for a sign language interpreter. Nonetheless, he still ordered her to perform field sobriety tests.

"Close my eyes, tilt my head back and listen to verbal commentary. And I told him, 'I'm deaf. I can't do that.' And he laughed," Kolinek said. "Later, he said, 'You're not deaf. You're just drunk.'"
Her case was dismissed, but it goes to the way he did business.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave this idiot an award for writing the most DUI tickets in the state.

So even if you are legally sober, you can be with a DUI. What a lovely city Chicago is.

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