Saturday, December 26, 2009

15 Minutes Is a Long Time to Wait After Calling for Help

So when you call 911, how long do you expect to have to wait? Frantic 911 cell call gets no action for 15 minutes as three die in house fire : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Bureaucrats love technology. They can blame it for everything.
The original call, made to 911 at 2:56 a.m., was routed to Buffalo, then Depew and finally to Cheektowaga because of the way that cell phone calls are handled, police said. The first patrol car reached the scene at 3:13 a.m.
The reason? An outdated cell-phone system couldn't get the information to them fast enough.

No one was to blame. The system doesn't work. No one gets blamed and the bureaucrats get a budget increase. Nice.

No one can say if the three people who died might have lived had the police gotten their earlier. (The woman was pleading for help, but apparently didn't mention a fire, so police were dispatched.)

The point is, 15 minutes is a long time to wait after you call 911 if you are faced with a violent criminal. 15 minutes that you would be on your own. (Assuming of course that you could call for help before the crime.) You should have a plan for how you are going to spend that 15 minutes.

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