Monday, December 14, 2009

Crime in the UK - Ridiculous Attitudes about Rape

Rape hasn't really been treated very seriously by cops in the UK. "She was asking for it," and "I was drunk," remain excepted excuses in what passes for a justice system. Drunk women are not 'fair game' for sex, says rape review peer Baroness Stern That is a civilized country?

That attitude leads to most rapes being unreported, since the chances that anything will happen to the attacker is just about nil.
Miss Harman [Equalities Minister] quoted figures claiming that only one in 20 of more than 13,000 cases a year reported to the police end with a conviction. The most recent figures show a 6.5 per cent success rate. More than 80 per cent of cases do not progress further than the initial account.
I mean look at that statement again. Only one-in-twenty rapes - of those reported to police, (recent survey says 6.5 percent) - achieve anything. OK, maybe not all those reported are real, but my guess is that most of them are. So much for justice.

And the attitude is neanderthal.
She insisted that there was “no grey” area with alcohol and that a man should no longer be able to claim that his judgment was blurred by drink.

“Being drunk is voluntary and people who become drunk are responsible for their actions,” she said. “It is not the alcohol that commits the rape. It is not an excuse. It used to be regarded as such, but it is not an excuse. It is an aggravating factor.”
Drunk is an excuse? Great. Is it an excuse for anything? Great. Just have a drink and go on a crime spree.

So tell me again how the UK is a peaceable law-abiding country and the US is hell-hole. Certainly we have problems, but we don't dismiss charges of rape "prematurely" as happens all too often in Britain.

Update: Here is what I was looking for earlier... A report from the UK Home Office. Rape and sexual assault of women: the extent and nature of the problem (It is a PDF, though they aren't the problem they once were.)
Eighteen per cent of incidents of sexual victimisation reported to the survey came to the attention of the police; the police came to know about 20 per cent of rapes.
Less than 20 percent of the incidents a fairly serious crime are ever made known to police.

And I can't find a definitive source, but memory tells me that the BCS doesn't count crimes against people under the age of 16.

So how much crime is there in the UK? I don't think anyone knows.

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