Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don't Have a Seizure Near Police - Could Be Bad For Your Health

I really need to create a "Cops Behaving Stupidly" category. Cop Went Wild With Taser, Diabetic Says In case any LEOs are reading this, when someone is having a seizure, they have no voluntary control of their body. They can't comply with your directives, and they may move their arms or legs unexpectedly. Use some sense.
A suburban Chicago police officer Tasered a man 11 times while he was having a diabetic seizure, and the 56 seconds of needlessly inflicted electric shock, "inflicted ... while he was lying unresponsive on the floor of his bedroom, permanently scarred [him] and caused him neurological damage that has not abated," the man claims in Chicago Federal Court.
What a moron.

BTW, the cop was called to the apartment - along with EMTs - because of a report that a man was having a diabetic seizure. He should have had some idea about what to expect, or he should have asked what to expect. (I know you send cops to violent crimes, why was a cop at the scene of a seizure? Besides to cause problems, that is.)

Using a Taser, or any type of force, on a person who is essentially unconscious, is beyond stupid and beyond cruel.

This reminds me of the cops who tasered the kid with the broken back because he wouldn't get up when they told him to. (The fact that he couldn't get up, well the chief said they tasered him for his own good.) And it is as bad as throwing a person in a wheelchair on the floor, because they can't stand up when you tell them to. It doesn't have the pure irony of beating up an autistic kid - for acting like an autistic kid - during Autism Awareness Month, but it is every bit as serious.

Now maybe you can argue that these are rare events, but none of these incidents should have happened. Each of these incidents happened because a cop was pissed-off someone wasn't doing exactly what he or she wanted them to do, regardless of their ability to comply. Or in one case someone - not doing anything wrong - but not acting the way cops "expected" them to act. (This last one isn't just about autism, cops routinely demand that everyone's reactions be exactly the same, or what they expect, even if they are from radically different cultures.)

And rare or not, these are PR disasters for all police everywhere. It reinforces the worst stereotypes of cops as unthinking bullies in uniform. Most cops are decent enough, but not all of them are. Some are criminal, and others are just criminally stupid.

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