Friday, December 04, 2009

The Era of Green Cars?

Lots of hybrid technology on the West Coast. The L.A. Auto Show is greening up --

Not all are uninteresting - like the Chevy Volt.

There is the BMW Vision. (See the photo at left and at link below)
First up is a slick 356-horsepower all-wheel-drive plug-in diesel-hybrid concept that BMW claims accelerates like an M3, sips gas like a Toyota Prius and can go 31 miles on battery power alone. It’s called the Vision Efficientdynamics Concept, and we’ll see it later this month at the Frankfurt auto show.
The Vision is a concept, and if you don't like concepts, I understand. the Volt concept was great, the LA Times describes the production version in pretty poor terms.
The concept version of the Volt released a couple of years ago looked like the Batmobile. The one on display at the auto show, which is much closer to the actual production model slated to arrive in November, looks more like the love child of a Toyota Prius and a Buick LaCrosse.
So, non-concept hybrids on display include the Fisker Karma. (see the photo at left.) This is a plug-in hybrid, with a battery-only range of 50 miles (about like the Chevy Volt) and then it runs as a regular hybrid. But it looks good. (More photos at link below.)

Overall, the Honda P-NUT has to be the oddest looking vehicle, and the Jeep Lower Forty (another concept) the best looking SUV.

See some of the best cars thanks to the Telegraph.

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