Sunday, December 27, 2009

Even in New York, Self-defense Works.

Not many people have a concealed carry permit in NY, but self defense is still possible. Woman fatally knifes thug in subway attack, then flees on F train
The harassment, which may have included unwanted sexual advances toward the woman and grabbing, continued as she entered the subway station.

The woman broke free from the men and frantically ran down to the platform and hopped on an F train, with the thugs right behind.

"They tried to physically drag her off the train, but she fights back," one cop said.

The struggle continued as the group pulled her off the train and dragged her up the stairs to the mezzanine level.

At one point, the woman stabbed one of her attackers - identified by family as Thomas Winston, 29 - multiple times in the chest.
Of course no one went to her aid - this is New York, after all. Don't want to get involved. Or something.

Anyway, after she stabbed the guy she got away and ran - with the thugs behind her - and she made it to another train, and got away.

She has not come forward to police. Who can blame her.
One police source said investigators suspect the woman was acting in self-defense
As Jeff said, "Gee, Ya' think?"

I am sure the police would love to charge her with something.

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