Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He Didn't Get Jail, But He Did Get Fired

Of course my guess is that the union will appeal. Chicago Police Board fires cop in bartender attack

Anthony Abbate was the Chicago police officer who was caught on video beating up a woman bartender half his size because she was following the law and wouldn't give him another drink. The crooked courts in Chicago didn't see fit to send his ass to jail for assault - no justice there - but at least he has been fired.
Anthony Abbate was formally fired Tuesday, nearly three years after his off-duty pummeling of a female bartender was caught on video and blasted around the world, tarnishing the image of Chicago police.
The courts were no use at all, handing out less than a slap on the wrist.
Abbate was convicted of felony aggravated battery for the February 2007 attack on Obrycka, but he was spared prison and sentenced to two years' probation. A civil lawsuit is still pending against Abbate, who had been suspended without pay since April 2007
The video of the beating can be found at this link.

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