Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Result of Brits Depending Only on Cops

Cops don't do such a good job over there. Police 'failed' murdered mum - News - Manchester Evening News

Apparently they have no database of past calls to consider when they are dealing with repeat offenders.
In total they were alerted 11 times in the 16 months before Katie's death in calls that 'fell into the criteria [for] domestic violence', the report found. Five of the alerts were in the week Katie was killed.

But Greater Manchester Police failed to link various incidents – instead handling the complaints 'in isolation'.
So, Brits are disarmed by their government - for their own good of course. They are forbidden to do almost anything in self-defense. Relying on the police - the system - to save them is a pointless waste of effort. At least in this case, it accomplished nothing.
Katie Boardman was stabbed 82 times by Brian Taylor in an horrific booze and drug fuelled attack.
He probably won't spend 20 years in prison. (Life in prison is a bit different in the UK.)

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