Tuesday, December 22, 2009

While We're Distracted By Global Warming,...

There are real environmental disasters being ignored. Asian carp: Michigan asks Supreme Court to shut 2 corridors to Great Lakes -- chicagotribune.com

Asian carp is an incredibly destructive, invasive species. It is already nearly into the Great Lakes. The people who could stop it, aren't interested. The people who should be looking into it are regulating carbon dioxide.

But then the Asian carp can't be used to institute a global regime to control industry.
The fight to keep invasive Asian carp from the Great Lakes reached the nation's highest court Monday as Michigan's attorney general sued Illinois, asking for the closing of two shipping locks near Chicago in perhaps a last-ditch effort to save the region's $7 billion fishing industry.
I doubt any action will be in time to save the great lakes. There isn't enough money in it. There isn't any leverage for grand global conventions.

It will still be an environmental disaster.

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