Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Is Anyone Surprised?

I can sort of understand that people believed we were immune to terrorism before Sept. 11, 2001. It was naive to think we were immune, but I can understand the thinking.

But why is anyone surprised A) that another attack was launched, B) that government functionaries (of whatever government) are NOT going to do a perfect job of ensuring security, or C) that the Obama Administration hasn't taken terrorism seriously?

Even the Washington Post is disturbed about the Administration's response to the situation. Unconnected dots, yet again, on a terror attempt -
To that initial list, we would add a fourth [cause for alarm]: the disturbingly defensive reaction of the Obama administration.
They have modified their views somewhat, now that Napalitano has had her "mea culpa" moment on the morning talk shows. (Actually, she didn't say sorry, as much as she tried to say it is the eeeevil journalists taking her words out-of-context.) But a few things are clear to me.

No one in the Obama administration had ever considered that another terror attack would happen. No statements prepared, not outline available. No game plan. Hence no response - not counting the statement that "the system worked." So, no coherent statement.

This isn't surprising, given that they hadn't seemed to have any notion of what options might be needed in Afghanistan.

I wonder if they have thought about what they will do when a major hurricane hits a US city.

I also wonder if anyone has considered what they will do when Iran tests a nuclear weapon - assuming they do test - or if they attack Israel. The new missile Iran tested can hit Europe. What will the Obama administration do if a NATO country is attacked? (Good thing they acquiesced to the Russians and killed the missile defense planned for Poland, huh.)

It is hard to say that they have been concentrating on health care, because right up until the end, health care was entirely in the hands of Congress-critters. Still is, mostly.

I guess all their attention has been on how to nationalize the rest of the US economy. (Now that auto manufacturing, banking and health care are taken care of...)

UPDATE: Given that another terrorist has turned out to be a rich kid (as someone said), will Obama and the Left abandon the lie that poverty breeds terrorism? This guy was a rich kid.

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