Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will The Brits Embrace Self-defense?

I don't think they have the spine anymore. Too politically correct. Tories back new rights to help home owners protect themselves from burglars - Telegraph
Currently – in the wake of Mr Straw's intervention – the law on self defence only allows householders to use "reasonable" force against burglars without the fear of prosecution. Campaigners for change, including the Conservatives, want the definition to permit them to use anything other than "grossly disproportionate" force.
Because what is "reasonable" if someone is in your home at 3 AM? Should a prosecutor - more interested in won/lost records than justice - second guess you weeks later? Would it be different if you had minor children at home?

But never fear... they won't be allowed guns. That would be icky. Or something.

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