Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bureaucrats in Charge of Health Care

Canada has what the Dems want to give to us. Hospital wouldn't help man having heart attack outside - Canada -

So a guy goes to the hospital because of chest pains, but when he gets there he can't walk in by himself because he is having a heart attack.
Smale said his mother, who doesn't drive and has had two heart valve replacements, went inside the hospital to get help because her husband was unable to walk on his own due to the pain.

She was told by hospital staff that they couldn't come out and she should bring him in herself or call 911, Smale said.

"I couldn't believe it. I just assumed that if someone's having a suspected heart attack at the front entrance, at least a nurse or security guard would get a wheelchair to get him in the door," he said in Halifax, where his father was receiving treatment.

"It just seemed ridiculous that they had to call 911 to get an ambulance to do it."
She called 911 and was told she would have to pay for the ambulance trip, even though the paramedics were already at the hospital - across the street actually.

This isn't the first time this insanity has been employed.
Earlier this year, Saskatchewan's health minister ordered a policy review after staff at a Saskatoon hospital called an ambulance to help a man lying just outside the emergency room doors.

Don McMorris said he was shocked to hear that paramedics were called to bring the man - who had collapsed just metres from the door - into the hospital.
They wouldn't walk outside.

So do you still think that the world is better when government runs health care?

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