Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicago School Plan Fails - Goes Nationwide

It was Chicago's plan to fix the schools. Of course now, under Arne Duncan, it is a national plan. Daley school plan fails to make grade -

First, the local piece:
Six years after Mayor Richard Daley launched a bold initiative to close down and remake failing schools, Renaissance 2010 has done little to improve the educational performance of the city's school system, according to a Tribune analysis of 2009 state test data.
Not bothering to wait for facts, Obama, and his basketball-playing Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan have made it our national plan.
The architect of Renaissance 2010, former schools CEO Arne Duncan, is now the U.S. Secretary of Education -- and he's taking the Daley-Duncan model national as part of his Race to the Top reform plan.

Duncan is using an unprecedented $4.35 billion pot of money to lure states into building education systems that replicate key Ren10 strategies.
Too bad they don't work. Well some things work, but overall they don't.

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