Saturday, January 16, 2010

Did You Know the EU Was a Superpower?

Neither did I. Of course they seem to be having a few problems on that score. Haiti response shows the difference between the EU and a superpower - Telegraph
Compare and contrast the initial responses of two "major world powers" to the Haitian earthquake disaster. Within hours of Port-au-Prince crumbling into ruins, the US had sent in an aircraft carrier with 19 helicopters, hospital and assault ships, the 82nd Airborne Division with 3,500 troops and hundreds of medical personnel. They put the country's small airport back on an operational footing, and President Obama pledged an initial $100 million dollars in emergency aid.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the European Union geared itself up with a Brussels press conference led by Commission Vice-President Baroness Ashton, now the EU's High Representative – our new foreign minister. A scattering of bored-looking journalists in the Commission's lavishly appointed press room heard the former head of Hertfordshire Health Authority stumbling through a prepared statement, in which she said that she had conveyed her "condolences" to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, and pledged three million euros in aid.
It goes on to talk about the 2004 tsunami response... where most of the heavy lifting was done by the US, Australia and Japan, and the Useless Nitwits at the UN spent the whole time complaining that no one would listen to them.

Don't expect the biased media to report too much of it.
Because they were self-sufficient, the US forces pulled off a stupendously successful life-saving operation, [in 2004] almost entirely ignored by the British media, notably the BBC (whose journalists on the spot were nevertheless quite happy to hitch lifts from US helicopters).
So maybe it will take them a while to get that whole superpower vibe down. Or maybe it just doesn't fit with the whole laid-back Paris (or Brussels) scene.

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