Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Anyone to Blame for Fort Hood?

Officials: Pentagon report faults Hasan's bosses - Yahoo! News The fact that they "could" face discipline, doesn't mean that they will face discipline. It sounds from this report like they want to blame the "system." Very impersonal.
As many as eight Army officers could face discipline for failing to do anything when the alleged shooter in the Fort Hood rampage displayed erratic behavior early in his military career, two officials familiar with the case said.
Then there is the question of the military working with other branches of the government to stop terror attacks.
The inquiry also questions whether the Pentagon is fully committed to FBI-run Joint Terrorism Task Forces. The report calls on the Defense Department to fully staff those teams of investigators, analysts, linguists and others so the Pentagon can quickly see information collected across government agencies about potential links between troops and terrorist or extremist groups.
That is my emphasis. Linguists are interesting because the Pentagon keeps throwing them out in the street. As many as 58 in 2007. And they haven't stopped.

I mean be reasonable. Who constitutes the bigger threat to the military, gays or radical Islamic officers?

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