Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mother Defends Her Family

Which is what mothers are supposed to do. West Side Resident Shoots Would-Be Robber | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News:
The homeowner said two acquaintances held his family at gunpoint, demanding cash and prescription painkillers, 10TV News reported.

The homeowner said that's when his mother came out of a room with a handgun and opened fire, hitting one of the men.
The injured guy was taken to the hospital in police custody. Since the two idiots were known to the family, the other guy was caught later.

No word on the condition of the burglar who got shot.

This lady is no damsel in distress. She is more like a lioness, or mama bear defending her own. (I don't have much use for damsels in distress.)

Self-defense is a human right, but I believe that parents have a duty to protect their families. But heh, that's me.

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