Friday, January 22, 2010

Should There Be a Separate Set of Rules for Cops?

A lot of cops seem to think so. Cop charged with assault on cabdriver
Karl Clermont has said he drove a man from downtown to Armitage and Damen about 1:35 a.m. on April 23. Clermont said the man walked away without paying. Clermont said he did a U-turn, demanded the $8 fare, and the man reached into a pocket and grabbed a black handgun.

The man allegedly said, "You choose. Either I don't owe you s - - - or you get out of the car and see what's gonna happen."
It is bad enough that a cop stiffed a cab driver for an 8 dollar fair, but what happened afterward, is disgusting.
After the responding officers realized the man was an off-duty officer, a sergeant tried to talk Clermont into dropping the matter, Clermont has claimed.
So an off-duty cop turns into a common thug, and the on-duty cops want us to ignore the fact. I doubt those cops were even cautioned not to act like enablers.

Cops need to be held to a higher standard; they shouldn't be given a pass.

And why is pulling a gun on someone in Chicago a misdemeanor offense?

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