Sunday, January 03, 2010

Vigilantism Is Not the Answer

Whenever the subject of self-defense comes up, you can usually find a reporter talking about "taking the law into your own hands." This is NOT a description of self-defense. In the heat of the moment, when you are facing an attacker, when seconds count and police are minutes away, defending yourself or your family is not vigilantism. It is only what responsible adults were expected to do for the bulk of human history.

Taking the law into your own hands is illegal. Accused Child Rapist Found Murdered - WSOC Charlotte
CONCORD, N.C. -- A man charged with raping a child was killed and officers said they believe it was the little girl’s father who did it.
This is taking the law into your own hands. This is vigilantism, and it is wrong.

Maybe you think the penalties for child rape, are too low. You may think that the child shouldn't have to face the prospect of testifying in court. If you think that, you should work to change the laws, not break a few of your own.

The girl in question is probably going to lose her father. Will she take any comfort in his actions?

Now I actually understand vendetta. Why people would want to do things like that. But I don't think people should do them. Gods know our system isn't perfect, but it is still better than living in the anarchy that would reign if this kind of thing was let go.

"Innocent until proved guilty in a court of law," and "beyond a reasonable doubt" are two important phrases in this society.

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