Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bear Attacks in the News

The first story - which I found via Tam, indirectly - is one for the history books. Black Bear Attack! | Outdoor Life
Timothy Scott was attacked by a bear while on a hiking trip Sunday, marking the first recorded black bear attack ever in Kentucky history, according to the Associated Press.
Tam has some pretty good things to say about being a tool-using human when faced with wild animals; go take a look at her post. (More on the quality and technology level of the tools you should use.)

Then in Pennsylvania, there was another attack. Black bear attacks woman walking her dog in woods -
A Perry County woman suffered bites and scratches from a black bear Tuesday, the first such attack in the state in about a year.

The attack occurred about 6:15 a.m. as the woman walked her Australian sheep dog in a wooded area near her home on East Newport Road in Oliver Twp.
Doesn't sound like a trip to the outback.

A few days ago, an attack in New Mexico. Woman survives bear attack in Sandias | Albuquerque, N.M. | KRQE News 13
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A female camper fought off an attacking bear early Sunday morning in the Sandia Mountains.

Campers awoke to find a bear pawing at their tent.

The bear then grabbed a female camper and dragged her out of the tent.
Though these folks did the wrong thing by keeping food in their tent.

There there is the geologist in Alaska who was attacked twice in a few minutes. (This was last week.) The Associated Press: Alaska geologist survives 2 attacks by grizzly
Miller was clearing brush with a handsaw so the helicopter could land, when the bear appeared about 25 feet away.

"When he stepped into the clearing he didn't snarl and stand up and show me how big he was. He just came for me," Miller said.

Miller managed to pull out his .357 Magnum revolver and squeeze off a single shot, possibly grazing the animal. Then his survival training kicked in: He fell onto his stomach, dug his face into the dirt and covered his neck with his hands to protect it from the grizzly's claws and teeth.

The bear went for his exposed right arm, gnawing and clawing it and chipping the bone off the tip of his elbow. The attack lasted 10-15 seconds, then the animal lumbered away.

"I thought it was over, I thought he was gone," Miller said.

He rolled over and was getting to his knees when the bear, which was only about 40 yards away, came at him again.
Not much in a handgun is very good against a grizzly. They are just too big and tough. Rifles. Even those can leave you in trouble.

Most people don't think of New Jersey as state that would have a bear problem, but they do. Bear attack forces postponement of NJ fireworks | Daily Record
WEST MILFORD — A northern New Jersey community is postponing its holiday fireworks display as authorities search for a bear that attacked a hiker and his dog last week.
Motorcyclist collides with black bear in Sussex County |
FREDON — A motorcyclist traveling in Fredon this morning suffered minor injuries after he suffered a collision with a black bear.
And so on...

Hurricane Alex - Landfall

Hurricane Alex was upgraded to a Category 2 Hurricane on Saffir-Simpson wind scale with the 2300 UTC (6PM Central Daylight Time) update. Maximum sustained winds are near 100 MPH, with higher gusts. (In a storm, the gusts can be much, much higher than the sustained wind.)

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Armed citizen captures burglar and holds him until police arrive. Homeowner Holds Would-Be Burglar At Gunpoint - News Story - WHNS Greenville
He said that when he took a break to get some water, he heard someone walking upstairs inside his house.

The farmer said he immediately grabbed his gun, and loaded it. He found the man upstairs and threatened to shoot him if he didn't cooperate. He said that the would-be burglar put his hands above his head. That's where he stayed until police arrived.
A lame excuse was offered, but when police arrived he was arrested and charged with unlawful entry, burglary and theft.

No criminals were harmed to bring you this story.

Self-defense is a human right.

Hurricane Alex

Amazing view of the eye, just off the coast of Mexico.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Violence Policy Center Is Lying To You

I love the statistics. Pajamas Media � Debunking a Pro-Gun Control Study Using Its Own Stats

First off, whenever someone starts talking about "gun deaths" you know they are sweeping something under the rug. Some gun deaths with be justifiable homicide (self-defense), but the real issue is the number of homicides (guns or not) and violent crime.

Anyway, if you want to see how insane gun laws don't make you safer, click through the link above. [hat tip Uncle.]

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gay Pride

Gay FlagJune 28th, 1969 — A lot has changed Since Stonewall But not enough.

Employment discrimination. Bashings. The military ban. (may be changing, finally) etc.

Don't feel much like celebrating this year.

You think a lot would have changed in 41 years, since the Stonewall Riots, but last year Fort Worth, TX celebrated by reenacting the raid on a gay bar. Gays can be fired from a job just for being gay. Kept out of housing. etc. You know, all those "special rights" we keep asking about. Like being treated equally before the law.

F-You Very Very Much

Couldn't resist re-posting this in honor of Pride Fest.

Lily Allen has wonderful little number called "Fuck You Very Much."

JusticeHere are a few of the lyrics.
Look inside, look inside your tiny mind
Then look a bit harder
'Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired
Of all the hatred you harbor

So you say it's not okay to be gay
Well, I think you're just evil
You're just some racist who can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval

Fuck you, fuck you very, very much
'Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch
More lyrics are to be found at this link.

So, a hearty Fuck You Very Much to all the people who think it is the duty of the United States of America to discriminate against me.

Why Arrest Him When He Was Walking Away?

OK, so maybe he's a jerk. He didn't appear to be threatening, and if you watch to the end, they grab him when he is walking away.
No free speech in Toronto?

79-year-old Defends Himself Against 3 Thugs

How would he do this without a firearm? Man kills robber breaking into Colton home -
Authorities said the man was shot by 79-year-old Richard Contreras after the suspect was found climbing through a window inside the man's residence on Thursday.

Contreras shot the suspect once in the shoulder with a handgun.
Two others involved in the robbery attempt were arrested nearby.

Police believe this was simple self-defense.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

“We’ve played the game. We’re done playing the game.”

Destin, Florida and Okaloosa County tell the Coast Guard, and the rest of the bureaucracy to take a hike. Okaloosa defies Unified Command over East Pass plans | pass, command, plans - News -
County commissioners voted unanimously to give their emergency management team the power to take whatever action it deems necessary to prevent oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill from entering Choctawhatchee Bay through the East Pass.
No more waiting for approvals from Washington (or Mobile) or wherever. [via Claire, who thinks they might get into trouble over this.]

I Love Statistics

And these are great! Hecate's Crossroad: Running The Numbers

Deaths per doctor. Deaths per gun owner. Go take a look.

Quote of the Day

Captain James K. Staples - Captain Courageous Takes on High Seas Piracy.
“High seas piracy affects us all,” noted Staples. He elaborated, “From the hostages who get raped, beaten and murdered, to the shipping lines who get blackmailed, to the anxious families of crews throughout the world to consumers paying higher prices at Wal-Mart.”
Higher shipping rates. Higher energy rates. Higher insurance rates. It is all reflected in the price of goods on the shelf.

The Medical Profession

Good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Hecate's Crossroad: Is This Working?

People Need to Spend More Time at the Range

Practice, practice, practice. Charlotte homeowner shoots at burglar |
A local homeowner shot and missed a would-be burglar who tried to enter his home late Thursday using the garage opener on the man's unlocked vehicle.
Still, the guy ran like a rabbit when the shot was fired.

Self-defense is a human right.

End of Life Issues are Never Easy

This caught my attention because my father is in hospice care. The right to turn off a pacemaker — Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian

It can be hard to deal with these issues, but it is important to do so, if you don't want the decisions taken out of your hands.

Maybe the Oil Efforts Caught a Break

The storm threatening the Gulf of Mexico, looks like it might (not will) miss the Louisiana oil efforts.

Too soon to stop getting preparations made.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Smoked Goblin? Aisle 5

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Clerk kills robber at Monroe convenience store -
According to police, 23-year-old Robert Christopher Young entered the convenience store, brandished a handgun and demanded money from the two clerks, brothers Sophia and Sopea Pich. Gunfire was exchanged between Young and Sopea Pich.

"He was yelling give me the money, give me the money," said Sopea Pich. "I didn't have time to think, and I shot him."
The would-be robber was found a few blocks away and died at a local hospital.

The police don't think anything is wrong, but decisions about charges are up to the DA.

Still, self-defense is a human right.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Betting Things Won't Go From Bad to Worse?

Apparently the Obama Administration isn't worried about the Louisiana marshland, because they seem determined to stop protection efforts. Federal Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging.
The federal government has shut down the dredging that was being done to create protective sand berms in the Gulf of Mexico.

The berms are meant to protect the Louisiana coastline from oil. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department has concerns about where the dredging is being done.
Fish and Wildlife wants the dredging to move two miles farther offshore, into deeper water. That will take seven days. [click the image for a larger view of the map.]

Of course the Fish and Wildlife Department isn't talking to NOAA. (The graphic is from Weather Underground, based on NOAA prediction models. Can't recommend WUnderground enough for storm info.) Currently there is only a tropical wave in the Caribbean, but that could change. According to the National Hurricane Center there is a "medium" chance that this low could become a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. And as you can see, two of the projected paths would take that cyclone right into the Louisiana coastline.

Do you think that might have some impact on any of the following?
  1. BP's efforts to control the spill
  2. The ability to build berms to protect the shoreline
  3. The amount of oil in the marshes
No, I'm sure Fish and Wildlife doesn't have anything to worry about.

So, who wants to bet against National Hurricane Center, and bet on Fish and Wildlife?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At Least the Neighbors Weren't Shocked

They weren't shocked that self-defense works. Alleged Robber Shot By KCMO Homeowners - Kansas City News Story - KCTV Kansas City
Police said the homeowner tried to keep his distance, when the alleged robber turned his attention to the woman. The man grabbed the woman, police said, and pulled her inside the house as he started grabbing items from inside the house.

The suspect barely made it to the doorway with a flat-screen when police said the homeowner, now armed with a gun he retrieved from his truck, confronted him.

"(The homeowner) told him to stop, I'll shot," Shaffer said. "He didn't and the man shot him in the leg."
The would-be bad-guy was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

People are finally coming on board with the idea that self-defense is a good idea.
Whatever was behind the incident, neighbors were far from upset with how things turned out.

"What makes me feel better is [the] homeowner took action and he did something about it," area resident Rick Boehle said.
Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

You May Have Insurance Coverage, But Find a Doctor

Obama's health care reform, is about to screw doctors with a 21.3 percent pay cut for Medicare patients. Medicare cut might affect doctor access -
Local doctors say a big cut to Medicare payment rates could make it more difficult for seniors to find physicians.

For nearly 10 years, Congress has been approving temporary measures to postpone a cut in the rates paid to doctors for performing services for Medicare recipients. But a disagreement between the House and Senate over how long the most recent temporary fix should last means Congress blew past the deadline last week, and Medicare rates have been cut by 21.3 percent.
It doesn't mean Medicare won't "cover" the same stuff it did before, it just means that doctors will stop accepting Medicare patients.

So you have medical coverage, you just have no medical care. (See the situation in the UK vis a vie dentists for another example. People may become doctors because they love the idea, but people become dentists for other reasons. And the UK has pretty completely gutted those reasons.)

Of course eventually Congress will put the next 3 generations further in debt because the current generation of old folks don't want to give up their free scooters from the Scooter Store. (Don't loving parents and grandparents usually make sacrifices for the sake of their kids and grandkids? This generation seems to feel that anything they want is justified and screw you youngsters. They are the "greatest generation" or something. You know. WWII. planned obsolescence. Times Beach, MO. Suburban sprawl. And so they are "owed" whatever they want.)

And of course, some animals doctors are more equal than others.
Don Kurth, a physician and the mayor of Rancho Cucamonga, said the cut will hurt some doctors more than others. The biggest victims, he said, will be primary care doctors.
Now refresh my memory. Aren't primary care doctors exactly the profession that is supposed to give us the "enormous savings" promised in health care reform? So it makes perfect sense (to the Congress anyway) to pay them less and so discourage people from entering the profession.

Is there anything government can't screw up?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still a Chance for Things to Go to Hell

Vis a Vie the oil in the Gulf. Wunder Blog : Weather Underground
A modest region of intense thunderstorms (Invest 93L) is over the central Caribbean, a few hundred miles south of Hispaniola. This disturbance has the best chance to become Tropical Storm Alex of any system we've seen so far this year.
Even a tropical storm could cause havoc with the efforts in the Gulf. (If hurricane watch is issued, some evacuations will occur.) If a hurricane develops... that would be bad.

Still on the Road

Things will return to what passes for normal in a couple of days.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

With Friends Like This...

WSVN-TV - Waffle House armed robber shot by accomplice in botched heist
According to authorities, one of the suspects was apprently accidentally shot by the other during the approximately 4:15 a.m. hold-up at the eatery located at 2580 Davie Road, prompting the pair to flee the scene in a gray or dark Toyota Camry.

Police picked up the wounded suspect in Fort Lauderdale after the man called 911 seeking medical attention for his injury.
Stupid criminals.

Self-defense is Legal in Colorado

I knew it was, but there was an outcry from the usual suspects because the kid who got shot was 17. (A teenager? Well, he probably would have been charged as an adult, since it was an armed home invasion.)

DA: Man who killed intruder acted in self defense So, no charges will be filed against the homeowner.
"The DA reviewed all of the available information and evidence and in light of appropriate self defense statutes they concluded the homeowner was defending himself and he was engaged in self defense," Denver DA spokesperson Lynn Kimbrough said.
Not only is self-defense a human right, in Colorado it is also your legal right. (At least in your own home that is.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Self-defense Works

As you knew it would. Police: Store Clerk Shoots 2 In Attempted Robbery
Police Chief Dan Trelka said the clerk shot the people, who were armed with a rifle and a handgun.

Police said Robert Bolden, of Waterloo, died at the scene. The second person, Antonio Sproles, also of Waterloo, died later at Allen Memorial Hospital.
Police don't anticipate charges against the shooter, because self-defense is a human right.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bob McConnell, candidate for Congress

I hadn't seen this ad. I wish he was running for the Senate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Road Again

An extended trip this time, with really limited internet access. Though I may not have my act together enough to actually leave in the morning...

I Guess This Explains the Dollar's Stability

Relative to Europe, things don't look so bad. AXA fears 'fatal flaw' will destroy eurozone - Telegraph The EU spent €750 billion to stabilize Greece, but it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.
"We are in a very major crisis that has even broader implications than the credit crisis two years ago. The politicians have not yet twigged to this."

Ms Zemek [head of global fixed income at AXA Investment Managers] said the rescue had bought a "maximum" of 18 months respite before deeper structural damage hits home, with a "probable" default by Greece setting off a chain reaction across Southern Europe. "It would be the end of the euro as we know it. The long-term implications are at best a split in the eurozone, at worst the destruction of the euro. It is not going to end happily however you slice it," she said.
Spain is racing to quell rumors that it isn't following in the footsteps of Greece. I guess we will see.

And of course there is the issue that since government (in this case the EU) raced to do "something/anything" they probably didn't do the right thing.
In the case of Greece the joint IMF-EU policy will increase Greek public debt from 120pc to 150pc of GDP by 2014, arguably making matters worse.
"I'm from the government and I'm here to help" doesn't sound any better in French than it does in English. Not that Brussels wants to make the hard choices. (They put the kibosh on any real change in the situation in Greece.)

Someone Finally Noticed Egypt's Role in the Blockade

Israel isn't the only way into Gaza, after all. Egypt in awkward position on Gaza following Israeli attack on aid flotilla
GAZA CITY -- With pressure building on Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip, Egypt finds itself in the uncomfortable position of continuing to help enforce the siege while watching Turkey outflank the region's traditional Sunni Arab heavyweights in championing the Palestinian cause.

Egypt, the only nation aside from Israel to control a crossing into Gaza, has its own domestic political reasons for wanting the strip to remain closed. It views Hamas, the radical Islamist group that controls the territory, as an ally of Egypt's foremost opposition movement: the Muslim Brotherhood.
It would be inconvenient for Mr President for Life, Mubarak, if his political opposition made any headway.

Of course, talk is cheap.
Egypt has said it favors lifting the blockade, but has balked at fully opening the crossing under its control. Unlike Turkey, which sees no cost in strengthening Hamas, Egypt's Mubarak is deeply reluctant to embrace the group.
And of course the big issue for the Mubarak government is ensuring that his son becomes President for Life when the old man finally dies. (He is 82.)

(I have 2 questions: 1) Will the Left ever figure out that talk is very cheap in the Middle East. "Say one thing and do another" especially if talking is a delaying tactic? 2) Why do they even pretend to be democracies?)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Was Wondering When Things Were Going to Go From Bad to Worse

Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook
There is a long way between a low-pressure system in the Eastern Atlantic and a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is the first step.

Update: Weather Underground
An unusually large and well-developed African tropical wave for so early in the season has developed midway between the coast of Africa and South America. The storm was designated Invest 92L by the National Hurricane Center yesterday, and has a good chance of becoming the first tropical depression of the Atlantic hurricane season. Surface winds measured by the 8:23am EDT pass of the European ASCAT satellite revealed that 92L already has a closed surface circulation, though the circulation is large and elongated. Top winds seen by ASCAT were about 25 mph. METEOSAT visible satellite loops show a large and impressive circulation that is steadily consolidating, with spiral bands building inward towards center, and upper-level outflow beginning to be established to the northwest and north.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't Mess With Their Grandma!

They didn't like it when he slapped the old lady. Family members kill robber after he slaps grandmother
68 year old Josephine Clark says the gunman came up to her son, who was sitting on the porch talking to someone. Clark says that at first, the family complied with the gunman's demands, but then he slapped her in the face.

At that point, Clark says her son and grandsons grabbed the gun, and her son shot the robber.
Self-defense is a human right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charged With the Death of His Brother

The brother was killed while the 2 were committing a felony. Charges filed against brother of slain suspect in Antioch home invasion - San Jose Mercury News
MARTINEZ — A 17-year-old Oakland boy was arraigned Thursday on murder charges in the death of his younger brother, who was shot and killed by an Antioch man during a botched home-invasion robbery involving the brothers this week, prosecutors said.

Koran Malcom Colston, who was charged as an adult, also has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of attempted robbery, and one count of residential burglary in connection with Tuesday's home invasion on Aster Drive in which the homeowner and his girlfriend were shot. Both are expected to survive.
Crime doesn't pay when the selected targets refuse to be victims and defend themselves.

Self-defense is a human right.

The Man is Insane

The perfect product of Illinois politics. Judge blasts Blagojevich over courtroom antics - Yahoo! News
At a short recess on Monday, he was found chatting up an audience member about the NBA Finals, shouting across the courtroom: “These ain’t your daddy’s Celtics.”
That isn't even the worst of it, since it was during a recess.

I'm so glad that Chicago politics got moved to D.C.

For the Third Time in Three Weeks, Chicago Sees Self-defense Work

Mayor Daley is probably having a fit. (Good!) Man suspected of trying to rob Northwest Side pawnshop shot, killed -
The owner of a Northwest Side pawnshop shot and killed one of three men who tried to rob his business at gunpoint, authorities said.

The 24-year-old man who was killed had a prior robbery conviction and had been sentenced to boot camp, court records show.
So how exactly do the anti-gun crowds think you should react to someone who points a gun at you? What if that someone is a rapist?

In any event, self-defense works. One bad guy is dead. Another may be wounded. I wonder if the Chicago PD will spend as much time chasing the two thugs who ran away as they do investigating the guy who defended himself.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is This a Good Idea?

A "reality TV" show focused on US Navy efforts to combat piracy as a part of an international task force. 'U.S. Navy: Pirate Hunters' Premieres Tuesday
The latest government entity to mix security with entertainment is the U.S. Navy, which has teamed up Viacom to produce a reality program about pirate in the waters of the coast of East Africa.
I guess keeping the issue in front of people is good, but something just isn't right about turning a naval operation into entertainment.

So You Think the Economy is Getting Better

I haven't said anything about the 400,000 plus jobs the census 'generated.' Enough other folks are covering that. Let's talk housing. Strategic Defaults Are Endangering The Real Estate Market

Strategic defaults refers to people walking away from mortgages they can afford because they no longer make economic sense.

For example.
After buying their Phoenix bungalow three years ago for $400,000, Jean Ellen Schulik and Danny Kuehn watched its value drop to just $85,000. Even though they can afford the mortgage payments, they felt they were trying to bail out an ocean with a bucket.

"No logical business person would do anything other than walk away," they told CBS News' "60 Minutes."
Given that a $400,000 mortgage will cost you more than a million dollars to pay back over 30 years, it is hard to blame them for walking away. Except I wonder if the terms of the contract will enable the banks to go after them. (Assuming Congress doesn't mess with the contracts - or at least try.)

The situation is pretty serious.
Right now, more than 10% of borrowers are 25% or more underwater on 4.9 million mortgages. The total valuation could saddle banks with as much as $656 billion of bad loans, according to the latest report from Corelogic.
Another 10 percent of mortgages going bad would be pretty hard to deal with.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Welcome to the Police State

Cops are harassing Brett Darrow again. Missouri Cops Harass Video Vigilante A Third Time | The Truth About Cars Darrow got national attention when a cop threatened to make stuff up and throw him in jail. (Video at this link.)

He got stopped at a DUI checkpoint. His car was searched without cause and he was detained for deciding he didn't care to answer any questions, even though there was absolutely no evidence that he was drinking. He tried to record the encounter on his cellphone, but it was illegally seized. (He did get it back, but he was only able to record the first portion of the incident.)

Oh, and the officer who wanted to intimidate civilians is part of a unit that generated 2864 seat-belt tickets - which captured $275K in state and federal grants. So important, since there is no violent crime in the state of Missouri.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0 - International Edition

He suffered a failure of the victim selection process. Suspected robber shot during botched hold-up
In a statement, police said that the incident occurred around 8:50am at Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown, where Inniss was shot and injured by Oudit Seenarain of Prashad Nagar—a businessman and licensed firearm holder, whom he had attempted to rob. Investigations revealed that Seenarain was returning to his vehicle when he was approached by a man armed with a firearm who told him that it was a robbery. “Seenarain drew his firearm and both men discharged rounds at each other resulting in the perpetrator being shot to his right foot and buttocks,” police reported. Inniss, however, managed to escape on a motor cycle driven by an accomplice. Later the police were informed by public spirited persons that a man was lying on the roadway at Lamaha Gardens with suspected gunshot injuries and upon checking they discovered that it was the same man who had attacked Seenarain. A .38 Taurus revolver with two spent shells were found in his possession.
Self-defense is a human right.

In case you are wondering, Stabroek News is published in Georgetown, Guyana.

Bad Day in the Midwest

Tornados cause heavy damage along I-80 corridor - WGN It happens I know people who are firefighters in the impacted area, and they spent the evening making sure people weren't buried in the remains of their homes.

In the great scheme of things, I guess this isn't an important story since it hasn't gotten much coverage. Between Turkey and Hamas doing its best to divert attention from Iran and the proposed sanctions, and BP's oil well destroying the gulf, and the Obama administration trading jobs for people staying out of races, the news organizations have better things to focus on.

Still there has been some coverage. Midwest twisters kill 5; idle nuke plant -
Tornadoes also touched down in central Illinois and other parts of Ohio, causing extensive damage in small towns, including Streator, which one witness told the Chicago Tribune had been "devastated."
The link at the top (WGN Chicago) has quite a bit of video footage of the Streator area.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Clearly We Need Common Sense Baseball Bat Control

I mean you can buy these things without a background check, across state lines, they will sell them to young kids and you can even buy them over the internet!

One charged with beating St. Paul man with bat; 5 still sought |
While Daniel was outside the store, one of the suspects wielded a metal bat and chased him inside. The other suspects followed with another bat and cornered Daniel. They beat him repeatedly and knocked over store displays.
2 charged in Bucktown baseball-bat beating plead not guilty - Chicago Breaking News
Authorities allege that Cruz waited in a vehicle and drove Viramontes from the scene after he beat Jurich and McShane with the bat.
Hamden man accused of baseball-bat attack- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut
Police allege that Rodney Scalzo, 38, of 659 Benham St., struck two people in the head and face with the bat at about midnight Monday at Tasmanias Sports Bar, 1537 Dixwell Ave., Capt. Ronald Smith said.
This one is just a threat, not an actual attack. PD: Parking Ticket Triggers Baseball Bat Threat - Sacramento News Story - KCRA Sacramento
Sacramento police said man upset over a parking ticket called 311 and said he'd take a baseball bat to the next parking enforcement officer he saw.
Not acting in his own best interests perhaps, but when police caught up with him he was very apologetic.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Congress Encourages People to Be Irresponsible. Are You Surprised?

Opposing Views: Thanks the Feds for Opening Doors to Mortgage Modification Scams
Keep in mind, though, that the mortgage loan modifications are only for people who are already behind on their payment. If you are a responsible borrower who makes your payments, who abides by the contract you signed, and who makes prudent choices that allow you to live within your means, do you think you will qualify for a mortgage modification?
Asking Congress to encourage morality is like asking a drunk to come down on the side of sobriety. Ain't gonna happen.
Ultimately, it is simply unfair for the government to create loan modification programs that benefit the borrowers who fail to follow the rules by defaulting on their payments. This fosters an attitude in which morality is thrown out the window. Instead, people intentionally decide to stop making payments, thinking exactly what my clients tell me: If I stop making payments, I will be able to negotiate lower mortgage payments. But if I keep making payments, I won’t have a shot.
And of course, if people really can't afford their homes - and most people can't today - then they can't afford their homes if you tweak the interest rate a little bit. So the modification programs don't work.

Armed Citizen Stops Criminal Hiding from Police

Even in Chicago, law-abiding armed citizens can help the police. (Mayor Daley will be silent about this issue.) Police pursuit ends with suspect shot by Austin resident :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

The thug was running from police, when he decided to hide in a home.
The suspect fleeing on foot also dropped a quantity of suspected narcotics during the chase, police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak said.

The suspect then “crashed though” a window of a residence near the area, apparently to try and hide, and he was shot by an occupant of the home, police said.
He would have been better off to surrender.

The thug is in a local hospital in serious condition, though his wounds are not considered life-threatening.

With the aid of a law-abiding citizen, police took a drug dealer off the street. (He threw away some heroin while being chased.)

Self-defense is a human right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Good News on the Piracy Front

Every little bit helps. News Article: U.S. Navy Ship Disrupts Suspected Pirate Attack
The San Jacinto responded to a distress call from the M/V Avenue Beauty, which was transiting 90 miles north of Somalia when the crew reported they were under attack by pirates. Upon hearing gun shots, the Avenue Beauty’s chief officer sounded a general alarm and directed the crew to execute counter-piracy measures, which caused the pirate skiff to call off the attack.

The San Jacinto responded to the attack and dispatched a helicopter to follow the fleeing skiff. Aboard the aircraft, Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Casey Halliwell tracked the skiff on radar as it speeded south toward the Somali coast.
A joint Navy/Coast Guard boarding team caught up with the pirates, but they had thrown their weapons and ammo overboard. The boarding team confiscated an engine (1 of 2 I assume) that will make it harder to the would-be-pirates to resume operations.
On May 26, the San Jacinto rescued five Yemeni mariners from 13 Somali pirates, while conducting routine counternarcotics operations 68 miles southeast of Ras Fartak, Yemen. The pirates were turned over to Yemeni Naval Forces.
Piracy will continue as long as it is profitable.